The best last minute stocking filler gifts that any beauty fan would love

Last-Minute Stocking Filler Gifts Any Beauty Fan Would Love

Forget panicking over Omicron – Christmas is just a few days away and there’s no stocking filler gifts to wrap. Stop worrying, for we have compiled the best last-minute stocking fillers that any beauty fan would love. This beauty gift guide may just save your bacon. Read on:

1.The Facial Lounge, Hydrating Cleanser, $29 (4.5 0z)

Credit: The Facial Lounge

Behold, a stocking filler gift to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The new Hydrating Cleanser from Facial Lounge is packed with hydrating, moisturising, and soothing properties. The ultra-calming components make it ideal for those with dry, dull, and sensitive skin. The Hydrating Cleanser is luxe, vegan and gel-like in form. Otherwise known as the Blue Wash, it delivers super gentle, yet potent cleansing abilities. Specifically formulated to prevent any moisture loss and supply optimal skin-smoothing support, your complexion will be one of petal-soft, clear and radiant perfection. Expect beautiful skin and genuine appreciation.

2. SOS LIP, £15,

The best last-minute stocking fillers any beauty fan will love

This amazing lip serum treatment should be an essential item in every pocket in the world. The replenishing lip balm boasts an array of nourishing botanical extracts to keep your lips in tip-top condition – no matter how bad the weather gets.

We used the SOS LIP on our cracked and dry lips (in serious need of attention). LIP SOS gets to work instantly, repairing damaged lips with magic wand-like abilities. Within a couple of days, sorry-looking lips are transformed into a pout that is Chanel Rouge lipstick-ready. Now, all that’s needed is a worthy and kissable man (alas, this is not so easy to acquire). We are blown away with the SOS lip balm. Formulated to provide long-lasting moisturising benefits, and delivering UVA /UVB protection (SPF 30), the SOS LIP will feel like your winter skincare saviour.

3. Freshly Cosmetics Perfect Volumising Eyebrow Gel & Perfect Defining Eyebrow Gel, £11.25 (Was £15 Each),

The best last minute stocking filler gifts that any beauty fan would love
Credit: The Facial Lounge

This Christmas, give the gift of perfect brows. Check out these two amazing new products from Freshly Cosmetics. Their multi-tasking eyebrow gel not only promotes the density and volume of brows, but also perfectly defines them. The tinted gel works its magic to lengthen, strengthen, hydrate, and restore. Effortlessly beautiful eyebrow goals achieved without any fuss, whatsoever. This incredible gel is available in 2 shades.

Freshly Cosmetic’s other stand-out new launch is their Perfect Defining Eyebrow Gel. A translucent formula that shapes and fixes your eyebrows in place. This is the product to choose for those who are happy with their eyebrow’s density, and just want a product to perfectly shape and set.

Both of these outstanding new vegan gels are formulated to nourish, strengthen, and provide long-lasting results. We love!

4. Go All-Natural Christmas Relaxing Duo Set, £14 (Was £17),

the best l;ast-minute stocking filler gifts any beauty fan would love
Credit: Go All Natural

Go All Natural’s Organic Lotion Bars and Deodorant Balms are the go-to for those who champion the natural and sustainable approach. Including 100% natural ingredients, these luxe-feeling products feel amazing. They are specifically formulated to provide ultimate nourishment and TLC for your skin. Ingredients such as mandarin essential oil and shea butters team up to effectively repair, rejuvenate, and protect. Expect beautiful, healthy and radiant skin that smells utterly divine.

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