Introducing ubuna drench: dreamy skin awaits

Last-Minute Luxury: The Christmas Beauty Gifts That Keep On Giving

With only 2 weeks to go, the countdown is on. Buying for a beauty-obsessive is no easy task. The special Christmas gift must be of the luxury variety if you are going to impress. Luckily, we have compiled the best Christmas beauty gifts that are certain to make any beauty fan leap for joy. Read on to discover some of the best last-minute luxury beauty gifts. You can guarantee they won’t be shoved in the drawer and forgotten.

1.Last-Minute Luxury for Any Adult: ERESOS CBD Pamper & Comfort Winter Protection Gift Set, £90 (Was £115),

Last-minute luxury: the Christmas beauty gifts that keep on giving
Credit: ERESOS

Treat your loved one to a truly luxurious and pampering winter gift set by the highly sought-after brand, ERESOS. Inside this beautifully packaged set is 3 of their most-loved products. This parcel contains the highest quality CBD-infused skincare from their signature DERMA  range. Containing the Aloe Vera Hydrating Face Mask (500mg CBD isolate) the Cocoa Hand & Body Cream (1000mg), and the Mandarin & Clove Hand Wash (500mg), it has everything a beauty lover would enjoy.  Should health and well-being be a more welcome product, opt for ERESOS CBD Mind & Body Well-Being Gift Set, £99 (Was £140). These sets are currently on offer with big savings and are selling quickly!

For more information on their DERMA range check out our useful review here. View the other gorgeous products ERESOS has on offer, visit

2.Last-Minute Mum Luxury: Hada Labo Tokyo Deep Wrinkle Super Filler £14.96 (100ml) Was £19.95,

Last-minute luxury hada labo tokyo beauty gift Christmas
Credit: Hada Labo Tokyo

Still stuck for what to buy your mum? Put the Botox on hold and worry no more. The #1 Japanese skincare brand, Hada Labo Tokyo, has the solution. Check out this seriously good anti-aging cream. Formulated with several different types of hyaluronic acid, that team with the included collagen, elastin, and soy milk, this cream carries immense kudos. It has all the hallmarks of high-end luxury, without the hefty price tag. We tried this cream for several weeks and it definitely improves the look of your skin. Lines and wrinkles appear significantly reduced. Your mum is going to love this!

For more information, read our review, here. Or visit

3.Last-Minute Gift for Your Sister: Nurse Jamie Super-Cryo Massaging Orb (large), £14,

last-minute christmas gifts skincare, beauty
Credit: Nurse Jamie

Ah, the trials of puffy skin. No one wants it, but like so much of life’s unwanted crap, it’s a given. Award-winning Nurse Jamie has just made the lives of those in the puffy skin world that much better. The Super-Cryo Massaging Orb is one skincare device that will always be wanted. In fact, since reviewing this, we can hand-on-heart say we use it every day. The results are THAT good. Literally, within a minute or two, it cools, soothes and reduces inflammation. A perfect go-to during Christmas party season. No more waking up and struggling through the first 3 hours of the day being. Or being very aware your eye area resembling an inflated bag. The Orb is like a little sphere of magic. This facial massager is the one beauty tool we cannot live without.

Read our review here, or visit

4.Luxury Makeup Gift: The Beautifect Box in Nude, £279,

Xmas presents pampering skincare and makeup
Credit: Beautifect

Do you know someone who would love some incredible pampering and who may need some help with organisation? Behold, the Beautifect Box.  This amazing case is a total game-changer for the disorganised and time-pressured beauty fan. Think of it as the ultimate portable dressing table. It is uniquely designed for you apply your makeup and hairstyle wherever you may be. However, perhaps a train commute during rush hour is an exception to the rule.

This is no ordinary beauty case. Oh no, aside from it looking like something from a Hollywood star’s collection and making you feel a bit like a celebrity, it ensures flawless makeup application every time. The Beautifect Box boasts 5 different lighting colour modes, and 3 brightness settings. Furthermore, it comes with powerful LEDs to simulate daylight, compartments for everything (and we mean everything), and special hinges to enable secure positioning in the most precarious of spots.

So, to spoil a loved one who is always late, disorganised, and a little frazzled (and whose makeup may always appear on the patchy side), the Beautifect Box will be their Christmas dream come true!

5.For the Ultimate Dreamy Skin: UBUNA Drench Intensive Hydration Serum, $180,

Introducing ubuna drench: dreamy skin awaits
Credit: UBUNA

Most people know that the key ingredients to maintaining youthful skin include amino acids, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid – and UBUNA Drench has it all. We defy anyone’s complexion not to be notably improved with this all-singing, all-dancing formula. Packed with all the finest quality of essential ingredients to achieve a plump and youthful complexion, makes the UBUNA Drench a gift of the gods!

For more information, read our review here, or visit

Any of these gifts will transform a beauty-obsessive’s Christmas into a winter wonderland delight!

Wishing you all a hassle-free and enjoyable last-minute Christmas shop.

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