ERESOS range for winter beauty support

ERESOS Beauty Is Your Winter Skincare Hero

Finding the right natural beauty product to meet your skincare needs can be a painstaking and costly mission. Especially when searching for a winter skincare hero. The beauty market is flooded with anti-aging products that all promise transformative skincare results. Alas, they don’t all make the grade. Skin issues such as aging and inflammation are stubborn problems that require targeted support. Don’t despair, as help is at hand. Behold, the ERESOS range.

This genius beauty, cosmetics, and skincare brand combines science with botanicals to formulate the golden recipe for achieving amazing skin. ERESOS collections feature the highest quality CBD and botanical-infused ingredients. These are proven to achieve a noticeable improvement that your body and mind will love.


ERESOS is named after the Grecian village. A place of utter tranquil bliss, it was the birthplace of Theophrastus, who is hailed as the father of botany. ERESOS know very well the miraculous transformational abilities that can be achieved by combining science and the use of certain natural ingredients. As such, they strive to create the most effective, skin-nourishing products that your skin will love.

We tried the following products in their skincare range, and applied them every day, for 2 weeks. Each product delivered significant improvement to the appearance and texture of our skin. The ERESOS skincare products mentioned below are so impressive, they will blow you away. ERESOS will have a long-term place in your bathroom cabinet (and your heart).

1.ERESOS Cocoa Hand & Body Cream, 1500 mg (200ml), £65,

eresos beauty is your winter skincare hero
Credit: ESEROS

Anyone with dry skin issues will absolutely love this hand & body cream. ERESOS have taken the outstanding properties of CBD isolate for maximum skincare support. This is combined with the intensely rich moisturising qualities found in aloe, cocoa nut, and vitamin E. The result is a fast turnaround from dry and dull-looking skin to that of moisturised and supple radiance. Amazing.

This superior cream quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving no trace of stickiness. It is suitable for all skin types.

2.ERESOS Aloe Vera Hydrating Face Mask, 500mg (50ml), £45,

eresos beauty is hero your winter skincare
Credit: ERESOS

ERESOS Derma range brings us the queen of face masks. It is ideal for anyone in need of a hydration and nourishment super-boost. Specific natural ingredients are included, such as aloe and chamomile. ERESOS have harnessed their skin-benefiting powers and combined them with 500 mg of CBD isolate. The results are seriously good. Skin that looks dry, tired, and in desperate need of a holiday or several Botox injections (everyone at team L A Beauty of late), will be noticeably improved. Words such as firm, hydrated and plump come to mind. This mask would make the best Christmas gift for any beauty lover. Alternatively, just keep it for yourself!

3.ERESOS Mandarin & Clove Hand Wash, 500mg (200ml), £35,

ERESOS beauty is your winter skincare hero
Credit: ERESOS

Yes, your hands need to be pampered too! Especially with the reintroduction of obsessive handwashing (looking at you, Omicron). Feast your eyes on a hand wash of sheer luxury. Mandarin and clove bring highly powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. Meanwhile,  the infused CBD give your hands optimal pampered support.

This hand wash has a divine scent that lasts. Seriously, it feels like a godsend when you have been breathing in sanitizer for weeks! If you are thinking of giving CBD products a try, we recommend the ERESOS beauty range. To view more incredible products in this outstanding collection visit:

We can’t wait to try the OIl Drops!

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