if you suffer from puffy skin you will love nurse jamies new launch

If You Suffer From Puffy Skin, You Will Love Nurse Jamie’s New Launch

Dealing with lines, pores and puffy skin is a never-ending headache, and who really has the time? Not me. I was ready to accept defeat when Nurse Jamie’s new launch shone onto my radar. The Super-Cryo Massaging Orb is an at-home cryotherapy facial massager. It delivers multiple benefits, with minimal hassle, time, or debt. Oh yes – and it’s so good, it has a celebrity following.

Facial massaging tools are proven to temporarily improve your complexion. However, if you are going to buy one, we recommend the orb. Nurse Jamie’s new arrival is the shining star of skincare solutions. This cool looking sphere wins the award for every category.

If you suffer from puffy skin you will love nurse jamies new launch
Credit: Nurse Jamie

Elevate your skincare routine to A-lister levels without leaving your house. Nurse Jamie’s beauty gadgets and treatments are a firm favourite amongst Hollywood stars. Nurse Jamie’s experience and expertise are relied upon to provide fast and unrivalled skincare support (particularly ahead of the Oscars). Delivering undeniably transformational results, it is no surprise her fans include the likes of Jessica Alba and the Kardashians (to name a few).

Nurse Jamie’s new arrival is a true skincare problem-solver. Whether your concern is fine lines, puffiness, or a ‘meh’ complexion, the futuristic orb will help.

How Does Nurse Jamie’s Super-Cryo Massaging Orb Work its Magic?

if you suffer from puffy skin you will love nurse jamies new launch
Credit: Nurse Jamie

The orb works by increasing localised circulation. Consequently, the skin’s appearance, texture, and tone are temporarily improved. This is achieved by harnessing the proven powers of cryotherapy.

For those who have been living in outer space, cryotherapy (or cold therapy) is the therapeutic use of cold temperatures to treat many conditions. Low temperatures increase the rate of blood flow, and in turn, it significantly reduces inflammation.

Inflammation is the culprit behind pesky eye bags and puffiness. The massager enables better circulation so oxygen can get on with making you radiant. Use this orb cold or warm.

Nurse Jamie’s Super-Cryo Massaging Orb: Benefits 

Can be used alone on clean and dry skin or with your fave skincare products.

Temporarily reduces pore size and puffiness.

Ensures optimal efficacy of skincare products.

Smooth handle-free rolling movements

Stays cool for 6 hours!

Can be used to aid relaxation or to revitalise (warm and cold)


Facial Massaging Instructions

Cool Application 

if you suffer from puffy skin you will love nurse jamies new launch
Credit: Nurse Jamie

Unscrew the twist-off ring on the base and place the orb in the fridge to cool for half an hour. Reattach the orb to the base then screw the twist off ring back on in a secure fashion. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO FREEZE!

Warm Application:

Unscrew the twist-off ring from the base of the orb. Place the orb into a bowl of warm water for between 30-60minutes. Next securely reattach the orb. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO MICROWAVE!

To Treat the Eye Area:

Starting from the inside of your face, gently roll the orb under the eye area as required.

To Treat the Brow:

Move the orb in rolling motions, from the middle to the outer area of your brows.


Gently roll the orb in the middle of your cheeks in an upwards and outwards motion.


Gently roll the orb against the décolleté, in and upwards and outwards movement. Do not use over the collarbone.

Nurse Jamie’s Super-Cryo Massaging Orb: Results

We tried Nurse Jamie’s Super-Cryo Massaging Orb twice each day for 10 days. We alternated between cold and warm application, adding our favourite facial oils, moisturisers, and serums.

Cold Facial Massage/Cryotherapy

super-cryo massaging orb for skin treatment
Credit: Nurse Jamie

This orb must be the best anti-inflammatory gadget ever! Morning pillow face syndrome is no longer an issue (unless you see me before I reach for the orb). It instantly reduces the appearance of bags and swiftly removes evidence of your sleepless night! Better yet, pores are less visible for several hours. This facial massaging tool is travel-friendly (so you can pop it in your bag for a mid-day boost).

The orb should be renamed ‘Orb of the Gods’. It is a life-saver when you need to look professional, but your eyes are calling you out as a party animal! A minute of this gadget’s powers and you will appear wide awake for hours (if only it could jumpstart the brain). It is  incredibly revitalising for the body, face and mind. The orb even lifts your mood (like we said, magical powers).

Warm Application Results


Credit: Nurse Jamie

At night-time, warm the orb and massage your special facial oils into your skin. This ensures a deeper absorption of active ingredients, whilst also relaxing your senses. Alternatively, use over a sheet mask and enjoy a complexion super-boost. This is a beauty device like no other. Behold the key to achieving dreamy skin goals (orb, never leave me…).

We could not believe the difference this beauty tool makes, because frankly, it is a godsend.  Your skin upgrade awaits.

The luxe massager gives the same benefits as a professional facial  Expect a radiant and youthful glow and ultimate well-being.

For optimal rejuvenation, use in conjunction with Nurse Jamie Rose Anti-Aging Oil. $75 (30ml), www.nursejamie.com

Nurse Jamie’s Super-Cryo Massaging Orb, large, is priced at £37.50 and available to buy at www.nursejamie.co

Nurse Jamie Super-Cryo Massaging Orb, Mini, is priced at £14.28. Available to buy at www.nursejamie.com

The Orb Duo (large & mini) is priced at £44.33 and available to buy at www.nursejamie.com 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Nurse Jamie’s products work?

Beauty innovator and celebrity skincare guru, Nurse Jamie offers a range of skincare devices. These are scientifically proven to provide transformative at-home treatments.

What are the best Nurse Jamie tools?

Nurse Jamie’s beauty tools are hailed for their outstanding problem-solving abilities. The best tool is dependent on your individual skincare concern.

Do you need a beauty tool in your skincare routine?

Add a beauty gadget to your skincare arsenal to ensure next-level skincare benefits. They  enable better product absorption and optimal rejuvenating support.

Can anyone use Nurse Jamie’s Super-Cryo Massaging Orb?

Yes. It is ideal for all skin types and is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin.

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