Book review: Post-Traumatic Thriving: the art, science and stories of resilience

Book Review: Post-Traumatic Thriving, By Dr Randall Bell

As we near the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, everyone should reach for one book in particular. Dr Randal Bell’s Post-Traumatic Thriving: The Art, Science & Stories of Resilience is a life-saving essential read. Equipped with decades of invaluable insight from helping people across the globe to recover from the most traumatic of experiences, and extensive research, Bell developed proven techniques for overcoming adversity.

After decades of successfully helping people to thrive following the most extreme traumas, Dr Bell shares these highly effective methods with the world. Combining research, science and real-life stories, Post-Traumatic Thriving ensures mental freedom and happiness is accessible to all.

Who Can Benefit From Post-Traumatic Thriving?

Book review: Post-Traumatic Thriving

Post-Traumatic Thriving is ideal for anyone looking to move on and better their lives in the wake of traumatic experiences. The book is packed with invaluable resources to aid recovery and open the door to a future of positive transformation. Whether you have experienced dark times, wish to help a loved one enduring trauma, or work in the mental health sector, Post-Traumatic Thriving is a must-read.

How Is Post-Traumatic Thriving Different From Other Self-Help Books?

Book review: Post-traumatic thriving: the art, science and stories of resilience
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The book Post-Traumatic Thriving sets itself apart from other books on the subject. This is because Bell leans into the importance of community support and positive thinking whilst drawing on real-life stories of trauma in its many forms.

Randall Bell, PhD, has successfully helped people heal and thrive after the most challenging situations imaginable and spent decades supporting survivors of the worst-known disasters. We also see Bell recount his own experiences of trauma. Dr Bell’s relatability allows vital connections to be made with his audience, further strengthening a sense of hope and optimism.

A New Perspective 

In his book Post-Traumatic ThrivingRandall Bell offers a new perspective on trauma and the human ability to overcome adversity. Dr Bell’s expertise as an economist and master strategist enables him to provide gold nuggets of practical advice to make moving forward and thriving as easy as possible.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Post-Traumatic Thriving?

Book review: Post-Traumatic Thriving: the art, science and stories of resilience
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Dr Randall Bell, PhD, includes advice and tools for successful personal development. He advises we should follow the five stages of grief to process a traumatic experience effectively. By using his tips and reaching out to others for additional support, people can speed up healing and begin a new path to a better life.

 Key Benefits:

1. Implementing the five stages of grief to process traumatic events effectively.

2. Extensive research and proven methods.

3. Easy-to-follow steps to navigate trauma and heal.

4. Real-life stories/relatability.

5. It Brings hope and a clear route to thriving.

6. Self-awareness and stronger resilience.

7. Understanding the difference between guilt and shame.

8. Acknowledging the difference between forgiving and forgetting.

9. Learning the importance of communication and positive thinking.

10. The benefits of gratitude and mindfulness in effective healing.

One of the key takeaways from this book is the idea that we can gather positives from challenges and trauma. With a fresh approach and processing trauma by following Dr Bell’s suggestions, these negatives can become tools for growth. We significantly improve our mindset and outcome by practising daily gratitude and celebrating small victories.


In summary, Post-Traumatic Thriving is an inspiring and practical guide for those looking to move past trauma and create a more fulfilling life. Bell’s emphasis on key areas such as resilience, mindset and personal growth underpins this book as a valuable resource for anyone hoping to escape the darkness and thrive. Dr Bell’s honest account of his own experience with PTSD offers a much-appreciated personal touch and further proves the effectiveness of his given strategies. Don’t let trauma control you anymore – read Post-Traumatic Thriving today!

Dr Randall Bell: 

Randall Bell, PhD, is a socio-economist and author who has spent a lifetime researching disaster cases and successfully helping people recover and rebuild their lives.

Post-Traumatic Thriving: The Art, Science & Stories of Resilience costs £ 0.81 (Kindle), and £16.09 (paperback), and is available at Amazon.

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