how to acieve at-home spa treatments like a pro

How To Achieve At-Home Beauty Salon Results Like A Pro

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Anyone else starting to climb the walls, waiting for beauty salons to reopen? I feel your pain. However, there are a few tricks to achieve at-home salon treatments like a total pro. Read on to discover how easy it is to attain those outstanding spa-treatments in the luxury of your own home. Hello, gorgeousness!

1.Begin With An Aromatherapy Bath, ESPA Detoxifying Bath Oil, £25 (Was £30),

How to achieve at-home beauty salon results at home
Credit: ESPA

If you want to achieve that full-on spa experience, you have to start the right way. Set the mood. To do this an aromatherapy bath is in order. Essential oils not only treat the body but also relax and revive the senses. Win, win. I love to add ESPA’s vegan-friendly Detoxifying Bath Oil. Combining cypress, juniper berry, grapefruit and sweet almond, this oil thoroughly detoxifies, nourishes and softens the skin. All the while, it works on your senses, so you feel totally renewed once more. Yay!

2.Steam Facial

Steam facials are so beneficial and so easy to do. They open the pores ready for all those much-loved skincare ingredients to then be fully absorbed, working at ultimate efficiency. All you need is a kettle and a bowl (and water of course). Make sure your face is clean. Boil the kettle, fill a bowl and lean over the bowl with a towel over your head to keep in the steam. Stay there for 3 minutes (if you can take it). Then you will be ready for the mask.

3. Face Mask Treatment: Try Facetheory Pink Clay AHA Face Mask. £14.99 (60ml),

how to acieve at-home spa treatments like a pro
Credit: facetheory

Whether you love a sheet mask or a lather-it-on one, a face mask works wonders. Choose the right one for your particular skin care needs.  One I love is this pink clay mask by facetheory. Superb at exfoliating, brightening, nourishing and treating fine lines, the mask offers some serious transformative results. Love this!

4.Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish, £49.60 (75g),

how to achoeve at-home salon treatments like a pro
Credit: Skin City

You should not need to apply a mask and the microdermabrasion polish in one sitting. Never overdo your skincare treatments as this can cause more harm than good. Choose one for the beginning of the week, and the other for the weekend.

This microdermabrasion polish is outstanding, and I have been using it for several years – still can’t move on. If it’s not broke don’t fix it, right? Combining glycolic acid, professional-grade crystals and papaya enzymes, the included rejuvenating components work little miracles on the skin. Expect some incredible results such as notably reduced pore size, even skin tone and a complexion that, well, glows utter radiance. We’ll take it.

Read on to see the more tips for achieving that much-sought-after at-home spa experience.



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