how to help your children deal with coronavirua

5 Steps For Helping Your Child Deal With Coronavirus

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As Coronavirus sweeps the globe, it is vital we help our children deal with the pandemic. Trying to shield your child from the fear of the unknown is an impossible task. Hysteria from social media causes self-perpetuating panic and can frighten. Images that look like some horror movie to adults can only be terrifying to your child. Don’t let your child’s worries get out-of-hand. Here’s some advice and steps for helping your child deal with Coronavirus.

1.Science Videos

When it comes to younger children it is important to put their minds at rest but not over complicate things. By showing them age-appropriate science videos on germs, viruses and how to protect yourself, it will help to reassure them. A great one that explains Coronoavirus is by Dr. Michelle Dickinson, here.

Make sure you watch it first to ensure your child will find it educational and helpful.

 2.Science Experiments

5 steps for helping your child deal with coronavirus
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You can follow this up by doing fun science experiments. A good one on YouTube is demonstrating a bowl of water with some pepper in. The adult and child put a finger in the bowl which then gets covered in pepper. Next they both put some hand soap on that finger and place it back in the bowl. You can literally see the pepper disperse away. This is a great way to show how germs are quickly destroyed when you wash your hands and how effective hand soap/gels are. Check it out here.


5 steps for helping your children deal with coronavirus

Sit down and talk to your child. Find out what they know and then explain the situation honestly, but in a child-appropriate manner so they understand and are reassured. This should quell any added anxiety they may be feeling.

4.Demonstrate How To Wash Hands

5 steps for dealing with coronavirus - hand washing

Make this important process a fun one by choosing one of their favourite songs to sing to whilst they wash their hands. Show them how you wash your hands, singing along and then ask them if they can.

5.A Drawing

A good idea is to draw a small picture of a circle or heart on the back of their hands in the morning. Tell them by the end of the day the picture should be gone. If it is still there you will be able to assess how well, they are washing their hands.

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