Over Plucked Brows? Microblading Will Be A Total Game Changer!

Perfectly defined features begin with well-maintained brows. However, over plucking your eyebrows can lead to beauty hell on a daily basis. Not only do you wake up each day looking like you’ve been in a fight with a razor and have to immediately reach for your Kohl and compact mirror before anything else, but over plucked eyebrows are extremely aging.

Thanks to the revolutionary microblading procedure, there’s no need to walk with trepidation to the tattoo parlour in search of a quick-fix solution. Microblading offers natural, semi-permanent and impressive results – so good in fact that your eyebrows look, well, like eyebrows once more.


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Microblading is the process of applying small and precise strokes that look just like real hairs. The procedure is effectuated by using a microblading pen, of which allows the technician to individually draw on each stroke. Microblading has received a huge amount of hype due to the unrivalled flawlessly natural finish it achieves. The only drawback is that the procedure takes a couple of hours to complete – but if you compare that to the amount of time (and embarrassment) you will save on a daily basis, it is the obvious choice to make.

Make Sure You Choose A Good Technician


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Before going ahead with the treatment do a little research and check the technician’s credentials. Additionally, a good technician will be more than happy to show you photos of their recent work.

A Note To Remember

Avoid exfoliating for 72 hours before having the procedure.

Do not pluck or wax for a few days before your appointment.

Do not use AHAs or retinol before the procedure as this may inflame the skin.

It is advisable for breastfeeding, pregnant women and diabetics not to have the treatment.

Microblading is in my opinion the best option for natural looking semi-permanent brows. However, it will take two, sometime three appointments before you achieve your desired look. Once this has been acquired, you will not have to worry about sharp brows, wiping your forehead or waking up with half a brow missing again (or at least for another 6 months, when you will need a top-up).

Conclusion: Microblading is totally worth it.

Have you had this procedure? What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment below xx

5 thoughts on “Over Plucked Brows? Microblading Will Be A Total Game Changer!

  1. Hey! Loved this article and have been wondering how you like them since it’s been a few months since you had the procedure done? I read that sometimes it can fade quickly? Just wondering!

    1. Hi,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Microblading is fab but depending on your skin type it can fade more quickly (such as oily skin). It usually lasts about 18 months but most people need to have a touch-up a few times. I am starting to see a slight fade and will be revisiting to have them touched-up. Unlike tattoos this is semi-permanent and only scratches slightly underneath the skin, hence the need for touch-up. Because my eyebrows were so sparse, I consider microblading to be a huge improvement. But everyones different. Also (am sure i don’t need to tell you) but make sure you research a clinic before trying as there are a few horror stories out there concerning inexperienced technicians. x

      1. This is another question, as it fades do the lines become more…blurred? If that makes sense. I have never seen a micro blades brow up close so I just have so many questions haha

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