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Reduit’s BOOST Is Miracle Skincare In Action

We all wish we could get transformative results from our cherished skincare products. Reduit’s smart new beauty-tech device, BOOST, performs those literal skincare miracles we’d almost given up hope of achieving (without a syringe loaded with filler to hand).

Upon discovering Reduit’s Boost, our immediate skepticism of ‘yet another gadget,’ was blown straight out of the water. The Swiss beauty-tech company’s innovative new beauty technology was announced on the Kickstarter campaign. This intelligent skincare device was funded in just 24 hours! Visualise rocket-charged skincare solutions in one lightweight, handy, and very clever little gadget. So clever, in fact, it would win in a Pepsi challenge against one of Elon Musk’s scientific innovations (if Elon were to work in the beauty-tech industry, that is).

The BOOST offers a fully customizable skincare treatment. Automatically adjusting to match your skin’s needs, and then delivering impeccable results. Better yet, this super-smart piece of beauty-tech genius is suitable for every single skin type!

Reduit'a BOOSt is miracle skincare in action
Credit: Reduit

We can tell you, if you can get your hands on one of these beauty-tech saviors, it will seriously change your life. Reduit’s BOOST launches on 12 March on Should you be one of 99.9% of the population who struggle with skincare issues, aging, or frustration over the meh results of expensive actives, you really need the BOOST in your life.

Read on to discover all the must-know facts about Reduit’s BOOST. Learn how the world’s first smart skincare applicator will give your skin an upgrade in 30 seconds of use. Scroll down as we share its benefits and uses. Learn how the BOOST delivers a truly customized experience, tailored to your specific skincare needs. Don’t forget to check our frequently asked questions section, for additional useful information.

Without further ado, let’s delve in…

What is Reduit’s BOOST?

Reduit's BOOST is miracle skincare in action
Credit: Reduit

Reduit’s newest skincare device, the BOOST is the world’s first smart skincare applicator. This advanced technology is not a replacement for skincare actives. The key purpose of the BOOST is to ensure maximum delivery and efficacy of your chosen skincare ingredients. Instead of absorbing just 4% of your skincare ingredients (the amount absorbed by using fingertip application), the BOOST gives 5 x the absorption – and an amazing complexion.

But it’s a little more special than simply supercharging your skincare results. The Boost offers a truly personalised treatment.

The BOOST app works in conjunction with the device. It automatically adjusts waveforms to match your skincare needs. The outcome is the right ingredients reach the exact levels for optimal effectiveness. Furthermore, the BOOST is like targeted, personalised photo facial. Boasting 8 LED light levels, this smart device delivers a matching LED light treatment. Expect a wow-factor skin upgrade – and all in 30-seconds of use!

What Are the Benefits of the BOOST?

Reduit's BOOST is miracle skincare in action
Credit: Reduit

The benefits of the BOOST are endless. Given the fact it suits every skin type, there isn’t an adult in the planet who wouldn’t reap the benefits of improved skin. However, those with skincare concerns such as acne, signs of aging, large pores, pigmentation, redness, and uneven skin tone, will receive help from using this device. The BOOST adjusts to meet your skincare requirements, considering crucial points to ensure unrivalled benefits.

Key points the BOOST considers when customizing your treatment are: age, climate, ethnicity, gender, skin concerns, and skin type. Each of these factors affect the skin. For instance, male skin types are firmer, thicker, and have more collagen (of course, God is a man!). Anyway, moving on, the BOOST factors in skin type and tone. Next, it automatically responds with a tailored, at-home LED treatment.

How Does the LED Light Treatment Work?

Smart beauty tech transform skin
Credit: Reduit

By detecting the actives in your skincare products, the BOOST then selects a precise LED light treatment to fully enhance their effect.

Red LED light is well-known for its anti-aging support. Blue LED light will match your anti-blemish ingredients.

How to Operate the BOOST

Intelligent beauty device, BOOSTM
Credit: Reduit

The BOOST is a smart one-touch innovation gadget. This easy-to-use device pairs with both android and IOS tech. By using data points, the BOOST automatically provides a customized treatment. Matching waveforms and LED lights to your skin’s needs, it adapts to ensure optimal support, even as your skin’s needs change. To use the BOOST, follow these steps:

  1. Buy the BOOST.

  2. Download the app.

  3. Complete your personal skin profile.

  4. Connect the BOOST.

  5. Scan the barcode of your favorite products.

  6. Apply your skincare products.

  7. Glide the BOOST device seamlessly across your face.

  8. Enjoy many, many compliments!

Reduit Facts

smart beauty tech device
Credit: Reduit

Paul Peros is the founder and CEO of Reduit. He is nicknamed, ‘Einstein of the beauty world’. Formerly CEO of beauty tech brand, Foreo, he turned Foreo from a start-up into a world-leading beauty-tech brand. In just five years, Foreo’s annual revenue amassed $1 billion.

The BOOST costs $75 and is available to buy from From 12 March, 22.

However, early birds can grab a bargain by purchasing the BOOST at a 70% discount ($45), on Kickstarter:


1. What is the BOOST made from?

Stainless steel and food-grade silicone and is naturally antibacterial.

2. How often should I use the BOOST?

As often as you apply your skincare.

3. Is it just for use on the face?

Designed for use on the face, but you can safely use your BOOST wherever you apply your skincare products.

4. How long does the battery last?

A single charge with the included USB-C cable powers up the Reduit BOOST for up to 200 uses.

Enjoy long-term skin transformation with the most innovative beauty-tech gadget around!

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