achieve 2022 ultimate hair trend with the hair boss

Achieve The Ultimate Balayage Hair Trend of 2022 With The Hair Boss

Beautiful imagery of 2022 hair trends flood the internet. Gorgeous shag-styled bobs, to long tousled, balayage locks of perfection, make us scroll through our feeds with increasing envy. Alas, work and life leave many of us with little time to shower – let alone, grab a 4-hour appointment at the salon.

Should this sound familiar, don’t worry. Read on, to discover the best products for achieving the ultimate hair trend with ease. Learn how the following Hair Boss products can help you quickly transform your winter-ravaged hair into Insta-worthy locks of luscious perfection. Get the selfie stick ready, friends. It’s time to shine.

What Are The Hair Trends For 2022?

2022 sees us spoilt for choice in the hair department. Taking inspiration from Rihanna and Billie Eilish, the collarbone length bob and the shag bob take centre stage. Big colour trends for 2022 include dark brunette, reds, and blondes. However, since the emergence of balayage, we continue to see its popularity soar. Long tousled locks and hair extensions are big news. Lots of layers in longer hair (presently looking stunning on JLo), is a major trend people will be rushing out to emulate.

Read on, to discover how to achieve the ultimate balayage locks at home, with minimal fuss. The following products by The Hair Boss will ensure your hair seamlessly transitions from dull to dreamy.

The Hair Boss Products For The Ultimate Balayage Finish

Let’s delve into which haircare products you need to create some seriously luscious locks.

1.For The Ultimate Balayage Look (Blondes): The Hair Boss Golden Balayage Colour Enhancing Gloss, £14.99,

achieve 2022 ultimate hair trend with the hair boss
Credit: The Hair Boss

Want the best at-home haircare product to create the ultimate balayage locks? Look no further than The Hair Boss Golden Balayage Colour Enhancing Gloss. This haircare formulation provides the perfect balayage result for those with beachy blonde strands.

The semi-permanent haircare treatment delivers a sun-kissed result, resembling the prettiest rays of sunshine on your hair. What’s more, this hair product is formulated to ensure every last cuticle receives serious, smoothing attention. Your hair will reap the benefits of smooth cuticles, amazing condition, and added shine. Expect locks of summery dimension and an enviable glossy finish.

Included in the treatment is the Conditioning Lotion. Applying this is like pouring on some kind of magical haircare potion. Maximum moisture and shine are locked in, creating wow-factor gasps by all those you meet.

We tried this hair treatment, and 10 days later, the gorgeous results are unchanged. Quick, user-friendly, and long-lasting, The Hair Boss’s Enhancing Gloss ticks every single box. The best part? This hair product achieves a salon-worthy finish without having to leave your home (or emptying your wallet).

2.For The Healthiest, Smoothest, and Strongest Hair: The Conditioning Lotion, £24.99 (1l),

achieve the ultimate hair trend 2022 with the hair boss
Credit: The Hair Boss

After using the Conditioning Lotion for your beautiful, new balayage locks, you are going to want more. Fact. Don’t fear, The Hair Boss Conditioning Lotion exists. It will soon become the most cherished haircare item in your bathroom cabinet. Combining specifically formulated natural oils such as avocado oil and shea butter that team up with reparative vitamin E, this lotion should be renamed ‘serum of the gods’.

Whether you have used the lotion in your balayage treatment and are hooked on the results, or you have dry hair in desperate need of some help, the Hair Boss Conditioning Lotion is your newfound bottled miracle. Don’t believe us? Just try it.

3. For Creating and Keeping Super Glossy Hair, The Hair Boss Semi-Permanent Shine Spray, £12.99,

achieve 2022 ultimate hair trend with the hair boss
Credit: The Hair Boss

Fancy an all-in-one hair product that transforms, treats, and protects? Is it even possible? Yes, friends, not only is it achievable, but it works like a dream. Dry and dull strands are replaced with the glass hair look in moments.

Including The Hair Boss’ special formula of biopolymers, this treatment guarantees warrior-like protection against hair damage. Styling, UV rays, pollution, humidity, and frizz are no match for the Shine Spray. Say hello to long-lasting shine. Every. Single. Day.

The Hair Boss products are available to buy in store and online at, and at For more information about the Hair Boss products, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are bangs in trend?

Yes, 2022 sees bangs making a huge comeback. Hair trends for 2022 also include bobs, shaggy bobs, and long locks. Layering is a big theme, as are curls, hair perms, and even crimping.

2.What is the main hair trend for 2022?

The focus is ensuring no matter what your style, your locks are the epitome of health, strength, and shine.

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