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These Are The Global Goals For 2022

Sharing our aspirations and goals amongst friends and family is a global tradition. But do you wonder whether your New Year’s resolutions reflect those of the rest of the world? Each year, we have a pretty good idea of what our nearest and dearest are about to proclaim. And generally, it follows the same uphill slog, that most of us ‘New Year’s underachievers’ struggled to a accomplish the previous year.

New year’s goals are renowned for having a life span more like a butterfly’s brief existence than a 12-month target. What’s more, new year beauty goals usually are boxed and labelled as impossible diets, unobtainable rejuvenation, and healthier skin. Or they feature a continued quest for toning that one area that’s as indestructible as the Earth’s crust! As each new year commences, we can’t help but wonder if the world shares the same beauty struggles, and do global beauty goals really change?

Well, wonder no more. Cosmetic surgery experts Tajmeeli, delved into a mission to uncover exactly which New Year resolutions for 2022 are worldwide trends. By utilizing Google Search Data, Tajmeeli explored the climbing search stats in the health and wellness niches, covering the time of the year when people choose their goals. This information is gathered from 7 English speaking countries, between mid-December 2021 – mid-January 2022.  Is yours in here? Read on to discover what Tajmeeli found.

Read the new research conducted by cosmetic surgery experts, Tajmeeli. It shows which New Year’s Resolutions for 2022 are key global trends.

What Key Global Trends For 2022 Did Tajmeeli Find?

1. Weight Loss

these are the global goals for 2022
Credit: Tajmeeli

Weight loss resolutions are a global winner (again). Remaining unbeaten for another year, the insane number of searches for tackling the issue suggests most of us enjoyed a rather gluttonous Christmas holiday. A flat stomach and a united hatred for belly fat drives off-the-chart search stats.

That said, there are a few differences in the way we behave. Canadians seem to be sensibly looking to lose weight healthily, incorporating exercises and healthy lifestyle changes. Here in the UK, it seems we are an inpatient and slightly reckless bunch. Getting rid of weight and belly fat, fast is priority.

2. Eating Differently 

these are the global goals for 2022
Credit: Pixabay

New Diets – Diets remain a key focus. The keto diet is one of the globe’s most sought-after trends. Diets such as the Dolly Parton diet, leek soup diet, Michael Mosely, and Vanderbilt have received an unbelievable amount of attention across the world.

3. A New Hair Colour

these are the global goals for 2022
Credit: Pixabay

A new hair look is the top beauty goal; but, closely followed with trending styles such as the bob, shag bob, and layers.

There’s nothing like a new haircut, colour, or style to bring that feel-good factor back to life. Let’s face it, the world needs a bit of TLC right now. It seems all the countries are eager to get in on the haircare action this year.

When it comes to following this year’s hair trends, the Filipinos lead the way. With massive search increases for perms, layered cuts, hair colour trends, hair cut trends for 2022, and hair treatments, the Philippines are bang on the money for 2022 haircare crazes.

Main areas of interest were hair trends for 2022, colour hair trends for 2022, dry hair treatments, and trending hair cuts and styles for 2022.

4.Sleep, Meditation, And Mental Wellbeing

new year resolutions
Credit: Pixabay

Without sounding too gloomy, it’s been a tad tumultuous for, like, a couple of years now. This is one resolution that’s going nowhere thanks to certain people (you know who you are).

5. Skincare

new year resolution
Credit: Pixabay

Data uncovered by Tajmeeli shows skincare to be significant to some countries, and of little interest to others. The UK, USA, Canada, and India, appear to share the desire to get the right skincare routine and skincare order in place. Conversely, Australia, the Philippines, and South Africa did not even rank the query. So, either they are hiding seriously good skincare discoveries, or they share a more pressing life goal.

Overall, the increase in skincare-related search queries reveal New Year beauty resolutions show no signs of slowing down. And by the looks of things, many men are realizing the benefits of good skincare plans too. The huge surge in queries for the best skincare order, points to many newcomers to the beauty scene.

Other highly searched for topics were exercise plans, fasting (and weight gain), vitamin supplements, and smoking cessation.

Let’s take a closer look at the most searched New Year resolution goals for each of the seven countries.

What New Year’s Resolutions Rank Highest Across The Globe?

World new year resolutions
Credit: Tajmeeli
  1. UK: A new diet.

  2. US: Weight loss.

  3. Philippines: Hair colour.

  4. India: Weight Loss (Reducing belly fat).

  5. Canada: Healthy weight loss and diets.

  6. South Africa: Changing the diet, with a focus on plant-based food.

  7. Australia:  Visiting the gym


life aspirations
Credit: Tajmeeli

From looking at the insight Tajmeeli gathered, now more than ever, the desire to improve our health, change our diets, and lose weight are of utmost importance.

It seems that we are on a universal health kick (not surprising, given recent events). It shows that instead of resigning ourselves to covid, we are fighting back with positivity and determination.

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All data, specified imagery, and research are provided, courtesy of Tajmeeli. Please visit the research page found on Tajmeeli’s website for further information.

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