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Award-Winning Makeup Artist, Lisa Armstrong, Shares Her Tips For Achieving The Perfect Party Look

We can’t believe it’s less than 60 days until Christmas. With party season fast approaching, it’s time to get our makeup looks down like pros, (then it’s just the old ‘what to wear’ dilemma). Luckily, we have expert help to hand. Award-winning makeup artist and brand ambassador for Beauty Hygiene Plus, Lisa Armstrong is here to guide you through her go-to makeup looks. Follow Lisa’s expert tips and you will be certain to create the perfect look, and with minimal fuss. That’s right people, there’ll be no running Halloween jokes aimed at yours truly, this year, (phew).

Lisa’s Go-To Party Look:

award-winning makeup artist lisa armstrong shares her top tips for achieving the perfect party look
Credit: Beauty Hygiene Plus

“For my party-season look I have to go with a smoky eye. You can do it in so many ways and can transform the colours within your smokey eye, so can get really creative. My go to is a nice smokey eye with a feathery lash. I think the reason people sometimes find a smokey eye difficult is because they go in with the darkest shade first, remember with a smokey eye it is about it being buildable. You should start with a lighter colour along the lid, then you add a deeper colour along the lash line and in the crease of the eye. It’s about building it up slowly. You can keep adding to it until you achieve the look you want. Focus on accentuating the eye and making it pop, rather than weighing it down.”

Lisa’s Top 3 Tips For Achieving Perfect Makeup Application:





makeup advice by award-winning makeup artist,
Credit: Beauty Hygiene Plus

1. “To apply the makeup on clean, fresh and primed skin. There is nothing worse than rolling out of bed and putting your makeup on straight away. Your skin needs to be primed first; a good primer will also benefit you by helping your makeup stay put.

2. Another tip for makeup application is making sure you’re wearing the right colours to suit your skin tone. Check your foundation shades on your jaw line rather than the back of your hand, as that’s not where you’re applying your foundation!

3. Lastly, don’t be too heavy handed with your brushes and the application, it’s far easier to add and so much harder to take away, it will just make a mess of things.

Beauty Hygiene Plus For Maintaining Makeup Perfection:

Award-winning makeup artist shares tips for achieving the perfect party look
Credit: Beauty Hygiene Plus

For optimal results every time, it is important to ensure your brushes stay in good condition. The Beauty Hygiene Plus Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray is a must-have in team L A Beauty’s makeup arsenal. This is because…

best advice for flawless makeup
Credit: Beauty Hygiene Plus

The Spray not only thoroughly cleans, but also aids in achieving a more seamless makeup application.

This incredible formula actually extends the life of both natural and synthetic brushes.

Fast and fuss-free.

Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses within just 2 minutes of application!

The Beauty Hygiene Plus Antibacterial Quick Dry Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray is priced at £12 (100ml), and is available to buy at

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Anyone else getting excited for some actual parties? Have fun and stay safe.

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Quotes by Beauty Hygiene Plus Brand Ambassador, Lisa Armstrong.

Imagery courtesy of Beauty Hygiene Plus

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