Hada Labo Tokyo is the Japanese go-to brand for aging

Hada Labo Tokyo Is Japan’s Go-To Brand For Skin Aging

Staving off the signs of aging skin is the focus for many skincare brands. Hada Labo know that loss of moisture speeds up skin aging. Think of it as giving time a fast pass. Fortunately, Japan’s go-to brand, Hada Labo Tokyo, is a godsend. They have formulated products that are nothing short of a miracle. Their outrageously good skincare range deliver game-changing results. You will feel like you’ve stumbled upon a rare gem in the world of beauty.

1.Deep Wrinkle Super Filler Day & Night Cream™, £14.95 (Was £19.95), www.superdrug.com

Hada Labo Tokyo is the go-to Japanese brand for aging
Credit: Hada Labo Tokyo

Lines and wrinkles don’t stand a chance against this Hada Labo weapon of choice. Hada Labo Tokyo has created a true skincare superhero. Discover a luxurious, thick cream filled with several types of hyaluronic acid. Together, with soy milk, collagen and elastin, the benefits produced are tremendous. Expect skin to be thoroughly hydrated, moisturised, and firm. Apply the cream both day and night to keep pesky signs of aging at bay.

2.Hada Labo Tokyo Wrinkle Corrector Eye & Mouth Cream™, £12.69 (Was £16.95), www.superdrug.com

Hada Labo Tokyo is Japan's go-to brand for aging
Credit: Hada Labo Tokyo

When dreaded wrinkles attack, the eye and mouth area get hit first. Fact. This is where Hada Labo Tokyo’s Deep Wrinkle Filler™ comes in. Formulated with their signature Super Hyaluronic Acid™, there is not a glimmer of dehydration in sight. These impressive components team up with the included collagen and retinol. The outcome is one of firm,  plump, and youthful radiance. It even reduces deeper and more stubborn wrinkles. Yes!

4.Deep Moisturising & Smoothing Body Essence-In-Milk™, £15.95 (100ml), www.amazon.co.uk

Hada Labo Tokyo is the Japanese go-to brand for aging
Credit: Hada Labo Tokyo

We go to painstaking measures, keeping our complexion looking great. However, we seem less concerned about keeping the rest of our bodies in-check. Why people, why? After all, the skin is the largest organ and deserves to share the love. Hada Labo Tokyo’s Deep Moisturising & Smoothing Body Essence-In-Milk combines their exclusive blend of hyaluronic acids (their Super Hyaluronic Acid™ is included). Hada Labo Tokyo is Japan’s leading skincare brand. They are driven by purity and simplicity. Only specifically selected high-quality ingredients are used; thus, providing proven transformative results.

Hada Labo Tokyo’s science-backed products supply double hydration and a multi-layer impact. Furthermore, moisture receives a ‘Fort Knox’ lock-in effect. This means your skin enjoys outstanding rejuvenating benefits for longer.

Try Hada Labo’s range. You will be amazed at the results.

For more information and to buy the Hada Labo Tokyo range visit www.superdrug.com or www.amazon.co.uk



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