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Mother’s Day Wellbeing Gift Ideas She Will Love, Love, Love!

This Mother’s Day, why not centre your gifts around total wellbeing? After all, this is something we all must embrace right now. Read on to discover some incredible Mother’s Day wellbeing gift ideas that will be greatly appreciated by all. Any mum will love, love, love!

1.Aldi’s Giant Cookie Kit, £1.69, Buy In-Store at Aldi

mothers day gift ideas giant cookie
Credit: Aldi

This Mother’s Day, why not treat mum to a giant taste of heaven and love? Aldi has launched their delicious Giant Cookie Kit, which is not only incredibly tasty but over £18 cheaper than one you might buy from Millie’s! At 18cm in size, your children can have fun baking and decorating the scrummy white chocolate cookie. There’s no need to buy a card, as you can write your own loving message on the cookie itself! At just £1.69 you can buy a couple in case one goes wrong (or is accidentally eaten).

2.Crystal-Infused Candles, £14.99,

wellbeing mothers day gift ideas she willlove
Credit: L A Beauty

Since discovering these utterly amazing crystal-infused candles, we are hooked. They are literally a Godsend. Choose between an array of candles guaranteed to bring forth immense positivity and promoting utter peace. We love the black tourmaline crystal, Protect. Infusing the room with cinnamon-fragranced oils, you can be certain all negativity is banished at the door. Phew!

3.Hemp Essential Oil Aromatherapy Wand, £15.80,

awesome wellbeing mothers day gift ideas she will love
Credit: Uncommon Goods

If only there was a way of breathing in some instant relaxation. Wait one, there is! Thanks to Yvonne Perez Emerson’s handy and total genius tool, your mum can breathe in some feel-good molecules and let all of her stress drift away. This fantastic inhaler infused with organic hemp and essential oils is the perfect wellbeing gift for Mother’s Day.

4.Kelo-Cote Silicone Scar Gel, £16.99,

wellbeing presents for mum
Credit: Superdrug

If you ever thought you couldn’t improve the appearance of scars, think again. Kelo-Cote is clinically proven to not only improve their appearance but even aids in the prevention of them forming! This advanced and fast-drying formula offers 24-hour protection, has an SPF30, is waterproof and can even be worn under makeup!

Intended for old and new scars, Kelo-Cote dries within 5 minutes of application. Acting as a layer of skin, it quickly gets to work softening and smoothing scars, whilst maintaining moisture and reducing redness and sensitivity too.

5.Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Therapies Egyptian Jasmine and Mandarin, £22,

great presents for mothers day
Credit: Philip Kingsley

For a real treat this Mother’s Day, why not spoil your mum with truly beautiful locks? Philip Kingsley’s new Limited Edition Elasticizer Pre-Shampoo Treatment is the go-to solution for dry and lifeless hair. Their award-winning formula combines specially formulated ingredients such as Egyptian jasmine and revitalising mandarin. This ensures an intense conditioning experience. The outcome is beautiful bouncy locks and an intoxicating smell sensation! Expect exceptional nourishment, shine and incredible bounce for every hair type!

6.The Hair Boss, The Scalp Scrub, £7.99,

begin veganuary the right way with the hair boss the scalp scrub
Credit: The Hair Boss

No one wants a dry flaky scalp. Furthermore, in order to maintain beautiful locks, you must start at the route. Quite literally. This means the scalp must be kept in tip-top condition. Behold Lisa Shepherd’s, The Scalp Scrub. Reviewed and tested by us, The Scalp Scrub is a game-changer. It quickly restores your scalp to one of perfect health, so you can go ahead and grow those lustrous and enviable locks.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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