Luxury Christmas gifts to lift spirits

Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas Guaranteed To Lift Your Spirits

Is it just me, or is anyone else just not feeling it this year? 2020’s events have literally drained the life force from me, and I’m left feeling pretty blah. Hence, my slightly early review and publication of insanely good luxury gift ideas for Christmas. Guaranteed to turn the most used, soggy, trodden-on tissue kind of moods into one of shiny-eyed wonder. Phew. Put the wine and sleeping pills down, all is not lost. At least not until the launch of Corona-3. But hey, I’m more of a live-for-the-moment kind of lady anyway.

1.Luxury Gift for Her: Gucci Blue GG-Jacquard Wool Scarf, £225,

Luxury Christmas Gift ideas guaranteed to lift spirits
Credit: Harvey Nichols

If you are going to gift someone a scarf this Christmas, make sure it’s sheer luxury. Gucci’s new season’s chic and classy scarf will transform any outfit in a moment. Blue and grey with their signature GG-jacquard and frayed edges achieve an immediately stunning finish to your look. Those cold and dark days don’t seem so gloomy now!

2.Luxury Gift for Him: Lexon Oblio Wireless Phone Charger and Sanitizer, £80,

Luxury Christmas gift ideas to lift your spirits
Credit: Selfridges

Certain things are magnets for germs, and alas, the phone is one of the main culprits. Why not treat your loved one to this phone charger and sanitizer-in-one pressie? It looks great, he is no longer worried about a dead battery – and you don’t mind when he puts the phone on the kitchen worktop (mostly). Win, win!

3.For Her (or Me): Gucci Black Embellished Hair Clip, £310,

Luxury Christmas gifts to lift spirits
Credit: Selfridges

Check out this Gucci black acetate studded hair clip. Within the GG logo are simply gorgeous crystal and stud embellishments that will make you feel like a princess. Now, I just need to upgrade my extensions…

4.Self-Cleaning Water Bottle, £78,

Luxury Christmas gift ideas
Credit: Live Larq

This is an awesome gift for any man who is a fitness fanatic or simply likes staying hydrated. Designed with a UV LED light to ensure the bottle stays free of all pesky germs, this present is not one to get thrown in the bottom drawer by January. This bottle is available in various shades and in sizes 710 and 950ml.

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