world-renowned aesthetic doctor reveals surprising change in cosmetic treatments

World-Renowned Aesthetic Doctor Reveals Surprising Cosmetic Treatments In Huge Demand

As the lockdown restrictions ease, you may be peering at your reflection and considering having a cosmetic treatment. Perhaps a tweak here and there?. Should this sound familiar, you better be quick. The cosmetic business is booming and for clinics everywhere, it’s all hands on deck.

However, cosmetic doctors are noticing the surprising change in treatment requests,  compared to pre-lockdown procedures. Dr. Jonquille Chantrey is a world-renowned aesthetic doctor from One Aesthetics Studio. She discusses the surprising surge in demand for certain treatments and the significant fall in patient ages. However, should you be hoping to visit with her, be prepared to wait it out. The spike in demand is so considerable that Dr. Jonquille already has a 4-month waiting list.

Dr. Jonquille Chantrey is a world-leading aesthetic doctor and global lecturer in beauty and well-being.

Dr. Chantrey Reveals the 3 Key Concerns:

The Jawline Lift 

Skin Quality 

June Pressures 

The Jawline Lift:

world-renowned aesthetic doctor reveals surprising rised in new treatment requests
Credit: One Aesthetic Studio

This one might have something to do with us sitting on the sofa, looking down at our laptops, trying to work. Eventually, gravity takes over. The outcome is that chin becomes plural. Not the best.

Dr Jonquille explains that the following reasons may contribute to people considering the Jawline Lift:

Frequent video conferences mean people see themselves more often.

Observations of the chin tipped down can cause new concerns about the neck area.

Dr. Chantrey states the main issues are neck wrinkling, double chins, and a loss of definition through the jawlines. She recommends a procedure called the Jawline Lift, explaining it to be a highly effective treatment for a jawline that is losing elasticity. One Aesthetic Studio states:

“The Jawline Lift aims to rebuild these areas that may have lost support or definition. There are a number of ways to correct a sagging jawline, including Mesotherapy, Dermaroller™, and the Botox® Neck Lift.

For more information or to book the Jawline Lift visit

2. Skin Quality: Try a Peel,

world-renowned aesthetic doctor reveals surprising change in cosmetic treatments
Credit: One Aesthetic Studio

Dr Jonquille has noticed that since the lockdown, many of her patients are concerned about their skin quality. The WFH scenario and constant blue light from screens is a huge contributing factor. Blue light is proven to reach deeper than even UV light. It’s no wonder our complexions are feeling it.

Dr Jonquille recommends Chemical face peels as an effective treatment. They are incredible for targeting and treating a variety of issues. Chemical peels are ideal for tackling problems such as acne, dullness, fine lines, sun-damaged skin, and pigmentation. One Aesthetic Studio states:

“Specialized chemical solutions are carefully applied to the skin to remove the damaged outer layers.  The aesthetician will adjust the strengths and content of the peel to meet your specific needs. We only use top-quality skincare products and chemical peel systems including ZO, and Enerpeel.”

Probs the reason you can’t get an appointment!

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June Pressures:

world-renowned aesthetic doctor reveals surprising rise in cosmetic treatments
Credit: one Aesthetic Studio

Dr. Chantrey reveals her biggest worry is seeing patients under pressure. With June fast approaching, people are desperate to look their best. Furthermore, she has noticed a massive drop in the age range of her clients. The usual age is 50, for those seeking jaw and neckline treatments. Now Dr. Chantrey is seeing patients in their 30s asking for the same procedures.

Dr. Chantrey is a much sought-after aesthetician who has been named one of the best injectable doctors in Tatler. Frequently featured in Vogue for her expertise, one of Dr. Chantrey’s key goals being to ‘Shine some light on what can be a dark and greedy industry.’

The One Aesthetic Studio can be found in the beautiful county of Cheshire.

Telephone: 01625 585990 or visit

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