Discover the best anti-pollution face primers around

Discover The Best Anti-Pollution Face Primers Around

Pollution is a major concern and is a leading cause of premature skin aging. This means we need to up our game. Behold, the best anti-pollution face primers around. These incredible primers are so good you will wonder how you lived without them. Yes, seriously – they are THAT good. Read on:

1.Grown Alchemist Anti-Pollution Primer, £32 (50ml),

Discover the best face primers around - anti-pollution
Credit: Naturismo

The silicone-free gel-primer features an array of skin-loving peptides ready to be absorbed into the skin and begin working some real magic. Within moments you will achieve a hydrated and smooth canvas ready for perfect makeup application. Combining detoxifying properties, this lightweight formula blurs away imperfections whilst simultaneously nourishing the skin. Grown Alchemist’s Anti-Pollution Primer is a real treat to wear.

2.Manuka Doctor Anti-Pollutant Primer, £27.99 (30ml),

Discover the best anti-pollution face primers around
Credit: Holland and Barrett

The benefits of manuka honey are seemingly endless. This outstanding ingredient treats all kind of internal ailments, but works incredibly well in a primer, too. Also included are bee venom (a celebrity favourite for skin restoration), peach flower and hyaluronic acid. Together the formula creates superior protection, minimises any sight of imperfection and provides a beautifully smooth base for your makeup. Gorgeous!

3. Nars Smooth & Protect Primer SPF50, £29 (30ml),

Discover the best anti-pollution face primers around
Credit: Nars Cosmetics

This incredible primer deserves its own star on the walk of fame. Not only is it an astonishingly good primer (expect some flawless results), but it effectively thwarts those free radicals from going anywhere near your skin. Top it off with the best SPF protection and you’re good to go. #Skingoals!

4.Revolution Pro Anti-Pollution Primer, 10.99 (28ml),

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Credit: Revolution

Check out the price of this amazing primer. Jam-packed with specifically formulated ingredients to brighten, plump, protect and smooth, Revolution’s primer can stand tall against those that carry a hefty price tag. The product boasts components such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and a burst of vitamins to boot. Expect delivery of awesomeness (and a very happy complexion).

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