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The Term ‘Anti-Aging’ Shouldn’t Be Slated: Here’s Why

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The term ‘anti-aging’ and any who use it, have received serious backlash in recent months. The claim is that it is deemed derogatory towards people above a certain age. A key point is that it sends the message: older people cannot be beautiful, and all should attempt to fight signs of aging. The term ‘anti-aging’ exists due to human nature. It built the foundation for an incredibly lucrative beauty industry. Why? Because the truth is as a whole, no one wants to look older.


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Yes, it is inevitable and yes, we all age. No, this does not mean you are suddenly ugly. However, gravity gets us all. As we get older, the skin isn’t as firm and us all (if we are honest) would like it to stay where it’s always been for as long as possible. The beauty industry has tapped into this need and provided a wealth of products to tackle the globally felt concern. Some products work well, others – not so much. None will permanently rectify specific concerns. That’s life.

the term anti-aging shouldn't be slated: here's why

The point I am making is that people may suddenly have a beef with the beauty industry for using the term ‘anti-aging’. However, it wouldn’t be booming if we didn’t want it. Yes, marketing (as with all products) may persuade people to become customers for certain brands. But the base fact is, the majority of us don’t want aging skin.

We are physical beings who want to look our best. If we are tackling sagging skin and wrinkles where there was once firm luminosity, we will want it back. It’s not derogatory to dislike wrinkles. It is okay to not want to embrace the fact that skin is getting older, and to want to lessen its impact. The term is simply reflecting most peoples’ thoughts. I don’t understand why people are getting on the bandwagon about the term anti-aging when if we were truthful, the reason the products sell is simple: Getting older has lots of upsides but we don’t want age to show on our skin.

anti-aging should not be slated: here's why - skincare mask

The terminology is simple and to the point. Products called, ‘graceful aging’ or ‘mature beauty’ is vague and probably won’t sell. People want to know the products they buy are tackling their key concerns. We shouldn’t be shamed for desiring that and the beauty industry should not be slated for accommodating our wishes.

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What are your thoughts on this? Perhaps I am completely missing the point. Leave me a message in the comments below. xx

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