4 reasons broccoli must buy

4 Reasons Why Broccoli Should Be A Must-Buy Right Now

As Coronavirus sweeps across the globe we search for help in thwarting this deadly pandemic. A must-buy food right now is broccoli. Like its close relative the sprout, it gets a bad rap by some – yet, it is a superfood that will greatly benefit your immune system. Ensuring you have warrior-like immunity is more important than ever right now. Read on to discover 4 reasons broccoli should be at the top of your shopping list.

1.Vitamin C For Protection

4 reasons broccoli should be a must buy
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The antioxidant benefits of vitamin C should not be overlooked. This vital nutrient contributes greatly in protection against pesky free radical damage. This is important when fighting infection, as the body undergoes oxidative stress. Furthermore, it can decrease inflammation, in turn improving your immunity. Brimming with as much vitamin C as an orange, the healing and protective properties found in broccoli make it a must-buy product right now.

2.B Vitamins to Fight Infection

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It is well-known that B vitamins unite to thwart infection. Containing vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6, this leafy vegetable becomes very valuable indeed. Maintaining a strong immune system to overcome infections is of paramount importance.


4 reasons broccoli must buy
Credit: Wikipedia.org

This nutrient offers exceptional benefits for the body. It is used for immune cell development and helps to reduce inflammation. Studies have shown this component to fight respiratory tract infections and boost your immune system.


Known as both a mineral and an electrolyte, this ingredient is exceptional in supporting a healthy heart and nervous system.

Broccoli is loaded with vital minerals and nutrients that work in unison to ensure your immune system is working at an optimal level. By eating this vegetable, you are providing your body with the best defence against illness. The cost of broccoli is just 60 pence – how can you go wrong?

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