Upgrade your toilet experience with SATU laboratory gel wipe

Upgrade Your Toilet Experience With SATU Laboratory Gel Wipe

The one thing everyone does, is visit the toilet, and (hopefully) we all attempt to make our toilet experience hygienic. Alas, there’s something we all gripe at – the dry toilet paper we wipe on our tooshies. But there’s no alternative, right? Wrong, my friends. So wrong. It is true that wet wipes are an environmental no-no. But, there exists a product that will change your life (and the happiness of your butt), forever.

A recent interview with much-loved celeb, Will Smith with BBC Radio 1, led to one huge revelation. It is set to change the future experience of all toilet-goers, everywhere. Well, at least the ones who heard the interview, or who are currently reading this piece, anyway.

In the recent interview Will Smith announced that when he comes across something truly special in life, he has to share it with others. And Will, we are eternally grateful. Following the revelation that he never uses dry toilet paper, he proclaimed:

‘Anyone who still uses dry toilet paper, you are really not doing yourself the true service.’

We were introduced to SATU Laboratory Gel Wipe, and had to find out what the fuss was all about. Let us tell you – as frivolous as it sounds now – once you try this alternative toilet technique, there is no going back.

To be honest, we had not even heard of SATU’s toilet paper gel. After reviewing the SATU Laboratory Gel, we will never use dry toilet paper again.

Let’s look at what SATU Laboratory Gel Wipe is, and why it will give your butt and life an instant upgrade.

SATU Laboratory Gel Wipe: Toilet Paper Gel


upgrade your toilet experience with SATU Laboratory gel wipe
Credit: SATU Laboratory

SATU Laboratory is a sheer genius brand. Its creators saw the serious need for a softer, moisturising toilet wipe. They acknowledged frightening consequences of flushing wet wipes, and their disastrous effect on the planet. Then, they went away and came up with the perfect solution and product.

SATU Laboratory Gel Wipe will not just give your butt optimal TLC. Using it is going to have huge benefits for the Earth.

What Is SATU Laboratory Gel Wipe, And How Do You Use It?

The antibacterial, safe and hygienic gel instantly transforms toilet paper into a flushable wipe. Simply squirt some gel onto a bit of folded over toilet tissue, and you have a luxuriously soft butt cleansing experience. No nasty germs, an easier and faster clean (if required), and an eco-friendly flush. Basically, if you want a happier, cleaner, and nourished butt, SATU Gel is an essential life product.

What’s The Issue With Usual Wet Wipes?

The issue is staggering. Most people are aware that this form of sanitation method drastically impacts the environment. They contribute to a great deal of global pollution. Not only do they not degrade, but they are the cause of huge fatbergs in the sewers. The sheer volume of all so-called flushable wipes used is having devastating consequences for sewers and nature, worldwide.

Are All ‘Flushable’ Wipes Harmful?

In short, yes. Tests carried out on all varieties of flushable wipes (baby wet wipes, facial cleansing wipes, hand-cleansing wipes, and household use wipes), prove to be seriously damaging.

Isn’t Toilet Paper Hygienic?

upgrade your toilet experience with satu laboratory gel wipe
Credit: SATU Laboratory

We all want to feel clean and fresh. Going to the toilet requires effective cleansing. Even if you think you have removed all visible traces of your toilet experience, you haven’t. The billions of microscopic germs remain, having a little party of their own, and multiplying at unprecedented levels. If you want to make sure you eliminate all nasty bacteria, germs, and potential viruses, you need to take an extra step.

Now that hideous visual Is in everyone’s head, don’t panic. The answer is to use Satu’s Toilet Paper Gel. It is going to be the best few pounds you ever spend.


1.Toilet Paper Stays Intact

On of the best features about Satu Gel Wipe, is you can add it to your toilet tissue without damaging, tearing, or turning the paper into mush. It is effective on all toilet tissue.

2. Eco-Friendly

Using Satu Laboratory Gel Wipe, Toilet Paper Gel, means no more wet wipes can damage the environment.

3. Flushable

Also, you can guarantee that you won’t be desperately attempting to unblock the toilet. Likewise, no scary dreams about your contribution to the fatberg monster in your sewers.

4. Fresh and Clean in Seconds

Using this antibacterial gel will give you instantly sanitized skin. Formulated with vitamin E for sensitive skin.

5. Clean Underwear and Better Hygiene

Because let’s face it – anything else is not a good look! Bad hygiene is the worst.


1. Not Available Everywhere, Yet.

Result: 10/10

upgrade your toilet experience with SATU Laboratory gel wipe
Credit: SATU Laboratory

We had the joy of testing SATU Laboratory Gel Wipe, and we were instantly hooked. Most people go through life accepting that loo roll is the only toilet paper product we should use. And for a long time, we have bought into this.

However, just by adding a few drops of this refreshing gel, you immediately get the reassurance of an impeccably clean derriere without invisible (or visible) germs.

SATU upgrades your toilet experience to one of care, comfort, and a long-lasting feeling of freshness. Better yet, it is formulated with vitamin E and for sensitive skin types.

SATU Laboratory Gel Wipe is priced at $9.99 (was $14.90), and available to buy at www.satulaboratory.com

SATU Laboratory Company Facts

The Nordic heritage company, SATU Laboratory, is world-renowned for being at the top of the toilet paper gel game. Their main business goals are providing the most eco-friendly and sustainable hygiene products.

SATU combines the highest quality of ingredients. So far, it is available to buy in 9 other countries. SATU is focused on upholding environmental protection and health. This gel is approved across Europe. Additionally, it is safe for children under 3-years old in the EU.


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