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This Might Be The Best Treatment For Hair Loss, Yet!

Hair loss and thinning are surprisingly common concerns, which can occur at any age and for a variety of reasons. Worse yet, it can creep up on you without any warning whatsoever. Just, rude. Having reviewed many products, we finally discovered the best treatment for hair loss, yet. You may soon refer to this treatment as your haircare mecca. Should hair loss be an issue for you, Freshly Cosmetics has the answer. Say hello to Freshly Cosmetics Hair Growth & Density Treatment. Specifically created to treat different types of hair loss, this product is the key to relinquishing your beautiful locks and carefree smile.

Freshly Cosmetics Hair Growth & Density Treatment, £29,

This might be the best hair loss treatment, yet
Credit: Freshly Cosmetics

What Makes Freshly Cosmetics Hair Growth & Density Treatment So Effective?

This haircare product is formulated to give your hair the strength and nourishment it deserves. Included in the Hair Growth & Density Treatment is their signature Smart Growth Activator. Formulated with actives such as turmeric peptide and Scutellaria guarantee your locks will soon look nothing short of luscious. The incredibly effective activator is proven to quickly transform problematic hair into locks that boast radiance and volume. Better yet, you will reap the benefits of truly best, hair without a hormone or toxin in sight!  Freshly Cosmetics provide organically-farmed ingredients and components sourced from a selection of carefully selected essential oils.


This might be the best hair loss treatment ever
Credit: Freshly Cosmetics

Increases hair growth from the roots.

Reduces hair loss. 

Improved strength and volume.

Formulated to tackle different types of hair loss: hormonal, inflammatory and nutritional.

Effective for cases of postpartum hair loss, pcos hair loss (telogen effluvium).

No side effects.

Treats hair loss due to hair extension damage (phew!).

Thwarts traction alopecia due to hair extension usage.

Effective and high-quality plant active ingredients

Rich in antioxidants; thus, enabling faster regeneration.

A natural alopecia treatment

Great for thinning hair.

Suitable for all hair types.

Backed by clinical research, with amazing results.

Gorgeous, natural scent that combines refreshing mint, cucumber and melon.

Dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin, pregnant women, and is also suitable for use with the Curly Method.


this might be the best hair loss treatment yet
Credit: Freshly Cosmetics

Team L A Beauty tried and tested this hair growth treatment on hair that’s been a victim to extension abuse (for considerable time). Not only does it significantly improve hair strength and thickness, but it also feels silky and incredibly soft, too. We will continue to use this product. Make sure you keep checking in to see our monthly hair growth updates. However, we are so impressed that we have already cancelled our monthly hair extension subscriptions!

Freshly Cosmetics Hair Growth & Density Treatment FAQs

this is the greatest haircare product for long locks
Credit: Freshly Cosmetics

Freshly Cosmetics State the Following: 

Reduces hair loss by 53% in 45 days, and by 75% in 90 days.

Supplies energy and strength so hair will grow healthier, stronger and thicker. This is down to the Smart Growth Activator.

Increases of hair density and volume by 69% after 90 days, and by up to 88% after 120 days. This is due to the outstanding ingredient, Azuki Sprout.

It even increases the number of hairs in anagen phase by 49%, in 150 days. This, combined with the included maca proteins also improves hair resistance in 90 days of continuous application. Shine is increased by 29%.

Natural hair colour is enhanced, and grey shades are reduced by 8%.

Scalp circulation is improved by 69%

The outcome is locks brimming with optimal health, strength and luminosity!

Key active ingredients include azuki sprout, microbiota and hair anti-aging complex.

Freshly Cosmetics Hair Growth & Density Treatment is priced at £29 and available to buy at

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