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Discover The Most Delicious Ester Eggs To Indulge In

Easter Sunday is almost here, meaning veritable heaven for all chocolate lovers out there. So, without further ado, here are the most delicious Easter eggs to indulge in.

1.Bailey’s Double Chocolate Luxury Mini Eggs, £13.50, www.amazon.co.uk

the ebst easter eggs to indulge in
Credit: Amazon

Should you be a fan of Bailey’s (ahem), this egg would send you to 7th heaven. Presented in a pretty gift box are 9 delicious egg treats to devour (all by yourself).

2.Booja-Booja Organic Champagne Truffles Easter Egg, £29.99 (150g), www.selfridges.com

discover the best easter eggs
Credit: Selfridges

Should you be in search of a gluten-free or vegan egg, this delicious treat will keep you smiling. Open the beautiful egg (hand-painted by Kashmiri artisans, no less) and find an exquisite selection of champagne truffles to enjoy. Bliss.

3.Fortnum & Mason Hand-Decorated Milk Chocolate Egg, £45, www.fortnumandmason.com

find the most delicious eggs to indulge in
Credit: Fortnum and Mason

No hours have been spared in creating these original works of art. Every sugar decoration has been carefully and expertly crafted to ensure your Easter is one to remember. Inside, you will discover a delectable selection of mouth-watering handmade chocolate chunks.

4.Rococo Chocolate Easter Egg, £25.60 (Was £32), www.anthropologie.com

delicious chocolate treats to enjoy
Credit: Anthropologie

Enjoy some of the finest chocolate creations around with the Rococo egg. Available in an array of flavours such as honeycomb and raspberry (and an entirely vegan one too), this is one egg not to go untested!

5. Nut-Free Solid Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg with Caramel, £26.99, www.yumbles.com

yummy chocolate for easter
Credit: Yumbles

Oh. My. God. Soul mates do exist, after all. When it comes to the dream – the founder of Solid Chocolate Company, Simon has answered ours! The award-winning innovation does not disappoint. Discover 750 grams of the finest Belgian chocolate to indulge in during the Easter break (or for the first hour of Easter morning).

6.Venchi Gourmet Milk Chocaviar Egg, £53, www.finecheese.co.uk

discover amazing treats to indulge
Credit: Fine Cheese Co.

Feast your eyes on the Holy Grail of deliciousness with Venchi’s Gourmet Milk Chocaviar Egg. Inside the beautifully presented egg, you will discover Venchi’s award-winning milk chocolate, Chocaviar pearls. Woohoo! Life is balanced once more.

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