cutest and most affordable valentines day gifts for your dog

The Cutest And Most Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Dog

This Valentine’s Day gift the family member that loves you unconditionally. That’s right, we are, of course talking about our beloved dogs. Their unconditional love is something to be treasured and our adorable pooches probably deserve a gift more than others. No need to name – you know who you are! Read on to find affordable and incredibly cute gifts for your furry friend. After all, they should be spoilt too, right?

1. Super Cute: Tesco “I Love my Human” Pet Bandana, £2.30,

the cutest and most affordable Valentine's Day gifts for your dog
Credit: Tesco

How cute will your dog look with his tail wagging out from under this gorgeous bandana? The answer is, the cutest! The bandana comes with an adjustable strap and will fit most dogs. Better yet, it is so affordable you could treat your family’s pets, too!

2. Cute and Affordable: Tesco Heart-Shaped Dog Bowl, £3,

The cutest and most affordable heart shaped dog bowl
Credit: Tesco

“I love my human, but I love my food more”, is the cheeky slogan found at the bottom of this adorable heart-shaped pet bowl. This sweet little dish is the perfect daily reminder of your love.

3. Cost-Effective: Tesco Pet Milestone Cards, £2.50,

cute and affordable dog gifts valentines day
Credit: Tesco

This is the ideal way to celebrate and mark each little doggie milestone. From his first pedicure to the first time, he plays in the snow – there are 50 cards for 50 milestones! At less cost than your Costa and croissant, this gift is a total steal.

4. So Cute: Tesco Memory Dog Scrapbook, £5,

cutest and most affordable valentines day gifts for your dog
Credit: Tesco

Now your furry friend can have their very own photo album. This is a perfect gift for your children to enjoy during the lockdown. The cost-friendly scrapbook will ensure your child makes their own memories (away from the screen) with their favourite pet. Each day, they can take the cutest pictures of their dog and arrange them in this cute memory scrapbook. What an excellent idea!

5.Badge and Pet Collar Tag Set, £2.50,

cost-effective valentines gifts for your pooch
Credit: Tesco

Check out this incredibly cost-effective pin and collar tag set. The titles, ‘Animal Lover’ and ‘I Love My Human’ are all you need to show how much your pet means to you and vice versa. We’re sure that if your dog could speak, he would be telling you as much, hoo-man.

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