TikToks Stats show predicted beauty trends already in high demand

TikTok’s Stats Show The Predicted Beauty Trends Already In High Demand

Bold eye colours, laminated eyebrows, fake freckles and flowery hair accessories are some of the key beauty trends predicted for 2021. Some predictions are already in high demand. It may not yet be the end of January, but beauty fans don’t let the grass grow under their feet. This is something that much-loved vegan self-tanner company, Tanologist’s has proved. After conducting a study to discover the most searched for beauty treatments on TikTok, they found out which beauty treatments are already firm favourites.

It just goes to reconfirm the fact that no matter what the situation or how dark things may be, the need for some feel-good makeup will remain strong.

Tanologist discovered that TikTok’s Top Beauty Searches Were:

Laminated Eyebrows

Fake Freckles

Fox Eye Makeup

In a world where mask-wearing and Zoom meetings are a given, people are focusing on making their eyes look incredible. Unsurprisingly, mask usage has meant a lower need for blemish stickers (because let’s face it no one will see them), and colour correctors.

Highest Demand: Laminated Eyebrows

TikToks Stats show predicted beauty trends already in high demand
credit: Pixabay

Move over microblading, its time for laminated brows to have their moment. Laminated brows are much sought-after. The treatment achieves a feathery, full and perfectly in place look. This procedure is ideal for those with a lot of hair, as it achieves immaculately defined and flawless eyebrows that stay put for up to eight weeks. Moreover, should you have back-to-back meetings, this cosmetic treatment means you will have one less thing to worry about. No more horror realisations that you really should’ve checked your eyebrows before joining the group!  Your brows will look like perfection!

High Demand: Fox Eye Makeup

tiktok stats show predicted beauty trends already in high demand
Credit: Pixabay

Another trend in high demand is to create the look of enhanced elongated eyes (like a fox). The creation involves the use of lots of eyeliner, fake lashes and a smoky shadow finish. Some shave off the end of their brows in order to draw on a straighter brow; thus, further emulating the fox-eye appearance. We love this look – it is simply beautiful. At a time when there’s so much gloom, playing around with makeup and having fun is a great way to de-stress for a while.

Fake Freckles Stay Popular

TikToks Stats show predicted beauty trends in high demand
Credit: Missguided

The fake freckles trend has been in the beauty limelight for some time. They are another way to have a little fun and mix things up a bit. To tap into this viral beauty trend, check out Missguided’s Frecks Appeal Freckle Pen, £8, www.missguided.co.uk.

TikTok stats show beauty trends
Credit: Tanologist

A huge thanks to this eye-opening research conducted by Tanologist. One thing that never goes out of style is a glowing tan. A great self-tan will work miracles in boosting confidence and mood; thus, it will always be in high demand. We’re smitten with Tanologist’s Self-Tan Drops Light (For Face and Body), £14.99, www.tanologist.com.

The tan drops are incredibly easy to use, totally customisable and achieve a flawless finish. The more drops added, the deeper the tan. It’s that simple. This little beauty of a product is available in 3 shades: Light Glow, Medium Tan and Dark Bronze. Ideal for tanning newcomers or experienced tanners – the results are impeccable every time!

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