otty research on the strangest things people awoken to

The Weirdest Things People Have Woken Up With

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve woken up with?

There is nothing better than laughing in the face of adversity to reduce the impact of stressful times – and the weirder or more bizarre something is, the funnier it becomes. With this in mind, online hybrid mattress retailer, OTTY, conducted their own research. The mission was to pull back the covers on peoples’ strange experiences. Posting the question, “What’s the weirdest thing you have woken up with?” OTTY received a surge of crazy replies. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest bedroom revelations.

1.Who Let the Dogs Out?

The weirdest things people have woken up with - Otty research
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It is not unusual for the family pet to snuggle up on your bed – but what about waking up to find yourself cosied up to a stranger’s dog? This is exactly what happened to two respondents. One claimed that somehow, the dog was actually in his sleeping bag and he had no idea whose dog this was or how it got there.

2.Pheasant Life

The survey uncovered one man’s scary reality. The man from the Yorkshire/Humber region was startled (obvs.) when he awoke to a brace of pheasants sharing his bed. Okay…

3.The Old ‘Stealing the Traffic Cone’ Trick

otty research on the weirdest things people have woken up with
Credit: Pixabay

Stealing a traffic cone in a drunken stupor seems to have become a rite of passage for UK youths – it’s THAT common. It’s no wonder, then, that this along with construction signs made their way onto the list (and into their beds). However, one man went above and beyond, somehow managing to bring home an actual traffic light, without being stopped! He then tucked it in with him for a cosy sleep!

4.A Solid Winner

the weirdest things people have woken up with otty research
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The Scots are known for their wild nights of hardcore drinking – and this particular response well and truly cements this theory. A respondent from Scotland claims he woke up with his ‘shoes completely encased in concrete’. He must have lived fairly near to the construction site as he was able to return home and to his not-so-comfy slumber.


otty research on the strangest things people awoken to
Credit: OTTY

The weirder something is, the better and funnier it becomes.

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.The information gathered here was conducted and collected by online hybrid mattress company, OTTY.

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