true transformation vichy eye patches

True Transformation Is Achieved With Vichy’s Liftactiv Micro Hyalu Patches

The majority of us can agree that 2020 has bestowed upon us many things (including seemingly permanent eye bags). Fear not, for Vichy’s Liftactiv Micro Hyalu Eye Patches offer a true transformation. Read on to discover how Vichy achieves such outstanding results, view before and after pictures – then grab your phone and order some before they run out of stock. We are planning on a truckload delivery option! Seriously, if eye bags and puffiness are an issue, this skincare treatment will feel like a Christmas miracle!

About Vichy Liftactiv Micro Hyalu Eye Patches

true transformation vichy eye patches
Credit: Vichy

We all know hyaluronic acid’s star anti-aging qualities. The ingredient is proven to plump and rejuvenate the skin. Vichy has harnessed the power of the key component and taken it up several notches, offering remarkable skin-transformative abilities. By using microneedle technology, each patch consists of 160 micro-cones that work to gently dissolve into the skin. This provides a targeted treatment, delivering 100% hyaluronic acid with precision.

As you will see from the pictures below, the results demonstrate a dramatic improvement to the entire eye area. The patches are designed to tackle pesky crow’s feet, lines, wrinkles and general puffiness – and wow, we are impressed.

These outstanding patches should be used as a weekly added step to your skincare routine. Included in the formula is hyaluronic acid and Vichy Mineralizing Water.

Before Picture:

true transformation with vichy specialist liftactiv micro hyalu eye patches
Credit: L A Beauty


acvhieve true transformation with vichy liftactiv eye patches
L A Beauty


After Picture:

true transformation after applying vichy liftactiv micro hyalu eye patches
L A beauty


Key Features:

Reduces Appearance of Eye Bags, Lines and Wrinkles

Fully Rehydrates Eye Area

160 Micro-Cones of Hyaluronic Acid Provide Targeted Approach

Clinically Tested

Fast Results


Having tested almost all eye treatments available, the Vichy Liftactiv 2 Micro Hyalu Patches are firm winners and have a well-earned place in the top 5 eyecare products of 2020!

Vichy Liftactiv Micro Hyalu Patches are priced at £20 and available at

Now we know we can get blind drunk on New Year’s Eve and still look pretty fabulous the following day (even if we don’t feel it).

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