4 of the best fathen't socks r's day gift ideas that arent socks, lazy man frying pan

4 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas (That Aren’t Socks)

Hey, Lovelies!

Father’s Day is just under a month away. This year you may want a gift that makes you look like you have taken painstaking hours of consideration and effort to find (even if you forgot). Whether you wish to gift your dad or child’s father, here are 4 awesome present ideas any dad will appreciate:

1.Gift For Your Partner (On Behalf of Your Child): Barbecue Tool Set, £20 (Was £25), www.menkind.co.uk

4 awesome father's day gift ideas that aren't socks - BBQ tool kit
Credit: Menkind.co.uk

What dad wouldn’t love this gift? Seriously, I can’t think of one (except maybe an alien one who doesn’t have access to gravity). Right now, there is a global barbecue pandemic…due to the, erm, global pandemic. Yup, being stuck at home in staggering heat can only mean one thing (if you are male): BARBECUES!

Featuring a sturdy aluminum carry case that contains a 14-piece BBQ toolset, this gift will keep him happy and occupied until September!

2.Awesome Gift For The Foodie Father: Lazy Man Frying Pan, £35, www.menkind.co.uk

4 of the best fathen't socks r's day gift ideas that arent socks, lazy man frying pan
Credit: Menkind.co.uk

Okay, I feel like I am repeating myself here – but again, I can’t picture a grown-up male who wouldn’t appreciate this. The 5-compartment frying pan will become his favourite toy (at least until he notices his waistline). Should your dad a good English breakfast and despises cleaning up (duh!) then, behold the most precious gift in the world ever! To put this in perspective, the female happiness equivalent would be a Gucci bag or Tiffany’s diamond ring!

3.Gift For The Gardener Father: Personalised Two-Tier Bee Hotel By Wudwerx, £45, www.notonthehighstreet.com

4 awesome fathers day gift ideas - bee hotel
Credit: Not On The High Street

Chances are, if your dad wasn’t that into gardening before the pandemic, by now he is probably reconsidering. Bring forth the Bee Hotel; ideal for the difficult ones to gift. Featuring a section of cane and one of the timber pieces, this will be the go-to party spot for all local insects. Creating hours of amusement for your father, this present will keep him buzzing all year round (soz).

4.For The Father With Neck Pain: Shiatsu Neck Massager With Arm Loops, £30 (Was £40), www.menkind.co.uk

4 awesome present ideas for dad - neck massager
Credit: Menkind.co.uk

Should your father or child’s father constantly request a neck massage due to ‘endless’ pain, this gift will be a savvy one. Saving you time, whilst looking like the perfect daughter, the present comes under the category, ‘genius’. Featuring:

Adjustable Intensity

Infrared Heat Function

8 Massage Nodes In 2 Opposing Directions

Arm Loops For Increased Intensity

£10 Off Price

This is yet another perfect gift to soothe away the stress of lockdown boredom.

Happy online shopping people. xx

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