Smart Face Masks And 3-D Makeup: 2020 Sees Beauty And Tech Unite

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2020 may suck as you could never imagine – but there’s one area where it definitely doesn’t suck. That is the beauty world. This year there is another revolution – one whereby tech shakes things up. What a treat for all beauty lovers out there, and with Botox clinics closed, it couldn’t come a moment too soon. Check out the new gadgets of 2020 and do a little dance of joy!

1.Mink Portable 3-D Makeup Printer, $295

beauty and tech unite 2020 smart face masks and 3-d makeup
Credit: 3s Natives

Behold, the first makeup printer. All you need to do is upload the image you want from social media or wherever, and it will print off customised makeup. This is great if you are constantly on the move as it will save you so much baggage and time. It can produce over 6.7 million FDA-approved colours. Wow.

This beauty tech is set to launch in Autumn and you can pre-order!

2.Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer, $149,

2020 best beauty and tech unite amazing gadgets
Credit: Sephora

A facial steaming device in the comfort of your own home. The idea is to steam whilst cleansing. Next, you are advised to exfoliate. Following this, you steam once more while applying your skincare products (serum, moisturiser). There’s no denying the benefits that come with steaming your face. But, what’s up with a bowl of steaming water and a towel?  I’m thinking this may be a little faddy and likely to grow cobwebs at the back of the cupboard after the week of novelty has passed. Gees, if I can’t be bothered with my Foreo more than once a week, what hope is there?

3.MZ Skin Golden Therapy Light Treatment Mask, £385,

amazing beauty devices 3d makeup and smart masks, 2020 tech
Credit: MZ Skin

I was introduced to this brand a couple of years ago when I was asked to review Dr. Maryam Zamani’s MZ Skin Lift & Lustre Serum. This looked and felt like a little bottle of the most precious liquid gold ever. Seriously, it was so good, I almost didn’t want to open it. Bursting with antioxidants and nutrients waiting to transform my skin into a complexion of wondrous glory, each time I applied this serum felt like a dream. The serum was next-level awesomeness and I kept hold of the bottle long after I ran out as a slightly sad momentum!

Anyway, I digress. My point being, having tried that, I am 100% on-board with anything else MZ Skin-related.

The mask delivers light therapy in 5 settings and addresses varying skin concerns. Light therapy has been a hit amongst the A-listers for a while now and many swear by its transformative benefits. However, clinical light therapy treatments aren’t really an option (unless you happen to have celebrity cash status). This device may set you back some dollar, but it lasts, making the light therapy treatment a realistic option in which to invest. Luxurious pampering and rejuvenation, please!

So, choose this if you worry about aging (err, who doesn’t?), pigmentation (yup, again), and never quite achieving that glass skin luminosity. Seriously, how much primer and glass spray do you squirt on your face before conceding defeat?

  1. Simplehuman Triple Mirror, £349.95,
smart mask 3d makeup 2020 gadgets beauty tech
Credit: Simplehuman

Of all the new gadgets out there, this one will benefit me the most. Recently I paid stupid money for a beautiful bathroom mirror, complete with built-in LED lighting. It was the worst decision, ever. I swear it’s got it in for me. No matter the time of day, if I use this mirror to apply makeup, it looks flawless. It seems to say, ‘Go out, you look incredible.’ No. just no.

I can’t tell you how many times I left the house before I realised this was not actually true. Happening to glance at my reflection before exiting my car (upon return I might add), I saw to my HORROR the foundation/concealer was so streaky I looked like someone had thrown it at me for fun – eyeshadow, same, and eyeliner, oh dear Lord. So never was there ever a greater need for me to own this new-fangled gadget. For the sake of avoiding PTSD.

The TRU-LUX sensor perfectly mimics natural sunlight and offers 5x magnification, so you can see every last gory detail whilst putting on your slap. Yes, this does mean it may take a while, but at least you won’t leave looking like a clown. Furthermore, the mirror boasts smart features such as built-in Alexa so you can get ready in the harmony of your playlist. There are also 50,000 variations of colour. Lockdown you say? I hadn’t noticed!

Have you heard of or tried any of these gadgets and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message below and have an amazing day. xx

Make 2020 A Year Of Ultimate Beauty With These Awesome New Products

Hey Lovelies!

I hope 2020 has got off to a great start for you all (despite the weather). If not, give yourself a boost and make this a year for ultimate beauty. Shake up your makeup bag and make way for some awesome new products. Because, let’s face it – work/life balance may suck – but it’s so much better when you look and feel amazing!

1.Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer, £32,

2020 awesome new beauty products hourglass concealer
Credit: Hourglass Cosmetics

Seriously, I swear Hourglass must’ve been thinking about me when they created this genie in a bottle concealer. Think seamless blending, imperfections well and truly hidden and flawless results. The weightless formula even contains micro spherical powders that fill in those pesky lines, providing a smooth luminous finish. Long-lasting, highly pigmented, full coverage, and available in 22 shades – what’s not to love?

2.Dr Sebagh Supreme Night Secret, £195 (50ml),

make 2020 a year of ultimate beauty with awesome products, dr sebagh secret night cream
Credit: Selfridges

Should the winter cause your skin to recoil like an unwanted snakeskin – you are not alone. These harsh conditions (not unlike the Artic) has got to the best of us, resulting in dryness on a whole new level. Behold, Dr. Sebagh’s Supreme Night Cream. Voted the best night cream by Harper Bazaar, this cream is in a league of its own. The formula combines advanced chronobiological cell stimulant to achieve cell renewal, thwarts aging of the cell’s nucleus and literally transforms your complexion. I don’t know how it does this, but it does and I love it! Pricey but WOW!

3.Sarah Chapman Liquid Facial D-Stress Super Active Mist, £42,

2020 ultimate products, sarah chapman skinesis d-stress mist
Credit: Sarah Chapman

Don’t lose the effects of the above-mentioned gorgeous night cream. Instead, check out Sarah Chapman’s amazing Liquid Facial D-Stress Mist. I absolutely adore her products. Achieving superior results with scientifically proven ingredients, Sarah Chapman’s skincare items never disappoint. This mist from the Skinesis collection, makes light work of rehydrating the skin with hyaluronic moisture magnets, peptides and skin soothing actives. The outcome is a complexion that is awakened, hydrated and looking amazing!

4. Kerastase Genesis Masque Reconstituant, £36.40 (200ml),

new products this year, ultimate, kerasatas genesis nousrishing hair mask
Credit: Kerastase

OMG. If there’s one new haircare product you need to try, it is this one. Wave goodbye to the effects of over-heating and bracing cold climates mixed with pumped up heating systems blasting away any goodness. This nourishing and strengthening formula provide precious ingredients such as Edelweiss native cells, ginger root and Aquaxyl that deeply enrich your strands with unbelievable softness. You will discover less breakage, reduced hair-fall and supremely beautiful locks. Love this!

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below and have a fantastic Wednesday, all. xx



Best New Vegan Products To Make 2020 Even Better!

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January or rather, ‘Veganuary’ is not just for food lovers. Avid vegan beauty fans, take note: here are the best new vegan beauty products, 2020, to make life even better!

1.Hourglass Nº 28™ Lip Treatment Oil (2020 Lunar New Year Edition) – At Night, $49,

Hourglass new 2020 lip treatmnet oil
Credit: Hourglass

Did anyone see the Wolf full moon the other night? It was spectacular – and Hourglass have rightly named this lip treatment the Lunar New Year Edition as it is outstanding in equal measure. Seriously, use this and you can wave goodbye to the dry cracked winter-torn lips and hello to a wow-factor pout!

Their vegan formula is specially formulated with 28 awesome ingredients, including 14 essential oils, nurturing vitamins and 10 lipid-rich plant oils to target and transform your cherished lips, no matter what the weather (or life) throws your way. Furthermore, it also offers gentle yet powerful actives (Saliporine-8, Volulin™ and Viamerina) that work in unison, to effectively treat your delicate lip area with ease.

Expect reduced appearance of lines/wrinkles, a super boost of hydration, softness and volume. This incredible product is both vegan and cruelty-free.

2.Codex Beauty Bia Skin Superfood, $50 (75ml),

new beauty 2020 codex skin superfood
Credit: Codex

The health kick surging the globe seems to show no signs of slowing down and now the benefits of veganism and superfood have reached the realms of skincare. So, without further ado, welcome to the new age of superfood skincare.

Codex’s thoroughly nourishing Beauty Bia Skin Superfood ensures your complexion receives optimal nourishment and TLC.  Including their innovative BiaComplex herbal formulation,  the results are greatly hydrated and silky soft skin. No more wasting time trying to rid your skin of the flaky patch (which has been there so long, you don’t even question it anymore).

Certified by the Vegan Society this gorgeous formula is particularly magic for dry skin types (that will be all of us, this time of year).

3.Eyelure Luxe Collection Lashes, £9.95,

2020 products vegan eyelure luxe collection faux mink lashes
Credit: Superdrug

Until recently, buying some vegan-friendly falsies in the high street has proven a tad tricky. Now, you can bag yourself some falsies without looking further afield. Eyelure has launched their Lush Lash Collection, of which does not include the usual fibres made from mink and silk. No need to scrimp on quality or ditch the angel on your shoulder – these lashes are fit for a Princess! Enjoy.

4.All The Feels Facial Oil, £12,

vegan elf cosmetics hemp facial oil
Credit: elf cosmetics

2020 is set to see a continuation of skincare that boasts the benefits of hemp products – and this oil is amazing with its perfect name and contents.The formula combines:

Hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil that is loaded with amino-acids

Squalene – proven to increase hydration and moisture levels.

Rosehip Seed Oil – an incredibly nourishing ingredient, packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Apply this cruelty-free and vegan facial oil in the evening and wake up gasping in slack-jawed amazement at your complexion. 2020 is a winning year!

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message in the comments below xx

The Funniest Gifs/Memes To Set 2020 In Hilarious Motion

Hey Lovelies!

There is no better way to begin the new decade than with a good laugh. Check out the funniest gifs/memes to set 2020 in hilarious motion.

1.When social anxiety gets the better of me:

Funniest Gifs/memes the simpsons
Credit: Giphy

2.Me: “I’m going to try hard and achieve great things.”

Me, 1 hour later:

funniest gifs/memes 2020 hilarious
Credit: Giphy

3. A typical day for me is like living in the film, ‘Meet The Fockers’.

gif/meme funny
Credit: Giphy

4. Note to Self: “Don’t say weird shit when making conversation with people you meet.”

gif/meme funny
Credit: Giphy

.5. Me at 3 a.m. realising the 8-hour sleep target is not going to happen.

funny gif simpsons
Credit: Giphy

6. Me, consequently, the following day:

gif/meme zombie no sleep
Credit: Giphy


The Best New Beauty Products To Make 2020 Even Better!

Hey Lovelies!

2020 is set to be awesome and here are some of the best new beauty products to make the year even better. Check these out:

1.Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Liquid Concealer, £32,

Hourglass vanish liquid concealer, new fo r2020
Credit: Harvey Nicols

This is one product I can really get on-board with. If you’ve tried any of the Hourglass concealers (of which there are many), you will undoubtedly have similar high hopes for this one. Spoiler alert: It IS that good!

Winter can totally wreck our makeup look, particularly when the skin is dehydrated, and you want to wear a little more coverage. The result can be that once you’ve applied setting spray, within a few hours you may realise your worst fears; the much-feared creased face appearance. No one wants that. Behold this incredible full coverage concealer.  All 22 shades blend effortlessly and finding no unsightly creases by the time I peered in the bathroom mirror, I announce it is worth its weight in gold. Rejoice in the fact that your complexion will remain flawless for hours (even if you are stood in what feels like  the storm of Jupiter’s Red Spot for hours). A total Godsend! The ONLY place you can currently buy this in the UK, is Harvey Nichols.

2. Ouai Volume Spray, £26,

Ouai Volume spray, new
Credit: The Ouai

The iconic Volume Spray has just had a re-vamp. For those like me who have fine hair and look longingly at the beautiful hair adverts with a heavy heart, this is a product you shouldn’t ignore. During 2019, this product was sold out pretty much everywhere. Now it is back with an even better formula (if you can imagine such a possibility). The awesome priming spray contains added panthenol to further boost shine. Simultaneously, it does an amazing job of transforming fine, limp hair into the enviable appearance of locks that boast volumous joy! Yay!

3.Living Proof, No Frizz Intense Moisture Mask, $38,

beauty 2020, living proof no frizz intense moisture mask
Credit: Living Proof

During the harsh weather months hair frizz is just one of those things you can’t avoid. Living Proof haircare products always offer significant improvement to the condition and look of my hair. Their Intense Moisture Mask is every bit as good as their 5-in-1 Styling Treatment. Providing hydrating, nourishing and anti-frizz properties, slap on this mask and your hair will be good enough to audition for a hair commercial. Living Proof, I marvel at your brilliance!

A Note About Urban Decay All Nighter Longwear Foundation Grip, $37

Should you suffer from dry and dehydrated skin (alas, most of us do at this time of year), this is NOT the product to choose. I was super excited to try a primer that would lock in my makeup. Unfortunately, after a couple of hours (on my dry skin) this causes creases to appear around the eye area and a general cakey look. I am certain it would suit those with oily skin types.

Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts? Leave me a message and have a happy Friday all xx

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