Christmas haircare presents that santa cn't beat

Beauty Christmas Stocking Filler Gifts That Santa Couldn’t Top

Looking for Santa-worthy beauty Christmas stocking fillers that will top last year’s gifts? Once your hair, skin, and nails are tip-top, everything else just falls into place. Here is team L A Beauty’s compilation of beauty Christmas stocking fillers that even Santa couldn’t top.

1. Awesome Stocking Filler For Your Sister: Hada Labo Tokyo Anti-Ageing Super Hydrator, £17.45 (150ml),

Beauty Christmas stocking filler gifts that Santa couldn't top
Credit: Hada Labo

It’s that time of year again when our complexions fall victim to a vicious blend of extreme elements and indoor heating systems. As such, an excellent facial hydrator is a much-appreciated present for any Christmas stocking. If anyone knows how to create an excellent hydrator, it’s Hada Labo Tokyo. Their unique formula of hyaluronic acids, collagen, and retinol guarantees transformative hydrating and rejuvenating results. With a few applications of this super hydrator, you can take on the world (or the UK weather, at least). 

2. Christmas Gift For Brunettes: The Hair Boss, The Cool Brunette Colour Enhancing Gloss, £14.99 (150ml),

beauty stocking filler gifts that santa couldn't top
Credit: The Hair Boss

There’s no need to choose between enjoying Christmas festivities and visiting your local hair salon. The Hair Boss Colour Enhancing Gloss is a multitasking haircare hero. Expect colour correcting, ultra-smoothing, and a glossy finish. Bag this for a beautiful Christmas!

3. Stocking Gift For All: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep Conditioning Treatment, £13.65 (Black Friday Deal, Was £19.50), 150ml,

Christmas haircare stocking gifts that santa can't beat
Credit: Philip Kingsley

Consider the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer as jarred magic. A single application of this hair treatment transforms rough hair into lustrous locks that would salivate the L’Oreal advertising team. Best stocking filler ever!

Grab it online today with the Black Friday deal if this sounds A-MAZING.

4. The Skin Republic Matrixyl 3000 10% Serum, £12.79 (Was 15.99), 30ml,

Introducing 10% matrixyl 3000 serum gift
Credit: The Skin Republic

The Matrixyl anti-aging serum makes a great stocking filler gift for your mum, sister, or aunt. This serum is loaded with proven anti-aging and skin-loving ingredients. With rejuvenating results to behold, this is one skincare Christmas present you need on your radar. You can find more information about the sheer brilliance of Matrixyl here.

5. Stocking Filler For Mum: The Skin Republic CoQ10 Anti-Aging Effect Sheet Mask, £3.49 (Was £4.99 – Black Friday Deal),

stocking filler gifts that would top santa's
Credit: The Skin Republic

The Skin Republic’s sheet masks are 100% cruelty-free and incredible. Apply the mask and sit back in stark wonder at your reflection. Anyone gifted with one of The Skin Republic’s Sheet Masks in their Christmas stocking will be happy!

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