6 Freakishly Fun Gifts For Celebrating Halloween In Style

Only 6 days to go until we begin celebrating the long-anticipated fright night. This Halloween, make your party freakishly fun, with the spookiest items to hand. To help you prepare we have compiled 6 terrifyingly fun gifts for celebrating Halloween in style.

1.Skull Corkscrew, £32.50, www.kikkerlandeu.com

6 freakishly fun gifts for celebrating Halloween in style
Credit: Kikkerland

Get this Skull Corkscrew out when your guests arrive and you will get off to a frighteningly good start. The Skull Corkscrew is certain to impress; it will be your go-to party prep for every Halloween.

This corkscrew was designed by Ariel Rojo and Stephanie Suarez for the Kikkerland Mexico Design Challenge.

2.Skull Shot Glasses, £12.22, www.amazon.co.uk

6 freakishly fun gifts for celebrating Halloween in style
Credit: Kikkerland

These Kikkerland 3D Skull Shot Glasses are the perfect way to conjure up some spirit. The heavy weight spooky glass shooters hold 1.5 oz and are designed by KDT.

3.Bar Tending Glasses, £17.99 (Pack of 4), www.amazon.co.uk

these freakishly fun gifts help you celebrate Halloween in style
Credit: Kikkerland

Ever wish you could whip up any cocktail of choice without resorting to Google? Now you can! Wow your guests with some awesome Bar Tending Glasses. Each one features a spirit and comes complete with step-by-step instructions (so you can’t go wrong no matter how many you drink). You can make up to16 drinks with these cool 8-oz glasses.

4.Wine Bottle Thermometer, £9, www.kikkerlandeu.com

fright night party presents
Credit: Kikkerland

Everyone has ‘that friend’ who demands to know the wine’s temperature, then makes everyone wait that bit longer. Put an end to this problem by using this Wine Bottle Thermometer. It even suggests the perfect serving temperature for most wines You will solve the issue and look like a wine connoisseur! Then again, you could always forget that annoying friend’s invite instead!

5.One Hand Server, £10, www.kikkerlandeu.com

fright night spooky presents
Credit: Kikkerland

Celebrate Halloween in style with the One Hand Server. Carries 1 bottle and 2 glasses, so you can whizz around your guests, keeping them happy and amazed at your apparent skills!

6.Big Night Out Drinking Game, £20, www.kikkerlandeu.com

spooky ideas for a great evening
Credit: Kikkerland

Nothing beats the old classic game of truth or dare. Ideal for 3-6 cheeky adults who want to continue the Halloween celebrations throughout the night (or until everyone has collapsed under the table).

These awesome Halloween gift ideas will ensure you have a freakishly fun (and almost unforgettable night).

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